Child Hit and Dragged by Car at Bus Stop

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SUMMIT HILL - Just hours after a chaotic scene was cleared here at this bus stop in Summit Hill, parents putting afternoon kindergartens on their bus couldn't believe what happened.

"It was just someone running late, trying to get around one of the other buses, and had an accident," said father Wesley Neal.

Here's what Summit Police say happened: A 53-year-old grandmother was rushing to get her kids on a Headstart bus that was loading along North Market Street, she turned the corner, hitting two students. An 8-year-old was dragged down this road underneath the car, another child's foot was hurt, along with one adult.

Dozens of parents and kids watched it happen and the panic that ensued.

"The best way to describe it would be chaos, there are anywhere between 65 and 70 children between the ages of 3 and I`ll go out on a limb and say 11, 12 years old," said Amy Craig of Summit Hill.

Nabila Chohan has one son who waits at this bus stop each morning. And worries for her son's safety.

"You know that it`s a bus stop, you have to drive carefully, you have to stop, and watch. The children are playing all around," said Chohan.

Parents who bring their kids here to this school bus stop in Summit Hill say they're scared for their safety, and want something done to make this intersection less dangerous.

"I`m so scared it`s going to be my kids too," said Chohan.

Police here in Summit Hill say they're continuing to investigate just what happened and no charges have been filed just yet, but say drivers need to stay alert.

"When you`re driving into an area like that when you have kids all over the place and parents and people are parked all over the place, you really got to be careful," said Police Chief Joseph Fittos.

The 8-year-old was taken by helicopter to Lehigh valley hospital for treatment, no word on her condition. Or the condition of the other two people injured.

Newswatch 16 talked to Panther Valley School District, where this student goes to elementary school. The District says they sent a message out alerting all elementary parents about what happened and are looking to see if a crossing guard is needed at this bus stop in Summit Hill.