Wilkes-Barre Teen Killed in Late Night Crash

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WILKES-BARRE -- Police say a crash along Bald Mountain Road in Bear Creek Township claimed the life of a teen from Wilkes-Barre. Troopers believe the car was speeding when it crossed over the middle line around 11:30 p.m. Sunday, and rolled over several times before stopping.

Two people in the car were hurt, but the crash claimed the life of 15-year old Margaret Hughes. She was a sophomore at James M. Coughlin High School.

"I first met her in seventh grade, and now I found out that she died in a car accident, it`s pretty sad because I think she`s only 15, she had her whole life to live," said Sophomore Cody McCord.

Principal Patrick Patte said Margaret was part of the vo-tech program at Coughlin, studying cosmetology and was well-liked by her peers.

"She was a very good student. She was always participating, always involved and around different events around school, so yes, it is just a tragic situation for us," said Patte.

Troopers said Margaret wasn't wearing a seat belt.  Police are investigating the crash and say this stretch of road is one that's quite dangerous.

Many of Margaret`s friends learned about the deadly crash while at Coughlin High School, and now grief counselors are on hand to help students deal with the loss of their friend.

"I think, it shouldn`t have been their time.  I don`t know," said Senior Dominique Gurns.

"We just have to come together as a team, sort of, family, and just cope with it together," said Senior Madysen Jones.

Jones drives to school every day. She says crashes like this make her more aware when she gets behind the wheel.

"It just makes me devastated I think that could happen, and it makes me more aware of the roads and to just be more careful when I`m driving, so nothing like that could happen," said Jones.

"I used to not wear my seat belt, sometimes when I`m driving but now that that`s going on, I`m going to start wearing it a little more, but it was pretty sad."

Students at Coughlin High School plan to wear light blue clothes in Margaret's memory Tuesday. It was her favorite color.

Police have cited the driver of the car, Kenneth Kasuba, with reckless driving and their investigation into this deadly crash is still ongoing.