Homicide Victim Worked at The University of Scranton

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HAZELTON -- Officials in Luzerne County say the assault and then homicide case of Aaron Reznick in Hazleton began with no leads whatsoever. Just a few weeks later, two teens are locked up, charged with criminal homicide, kidnapping and robbery.

"We had such a great outpouring of the community constantly contacting us with tips and leads and that`s crucial," said Hazleton Police Chief Frank DeAndrea.

Police, detectives, and the district attorney's office say tip callers played a key role in helping to arrest Mitchell Dedes, 17, and Breon Judon, 19.

According to court papers the two assaulted Reznick, forced him into the trunk of his car and later beat him while he tried to escape, all over an iPhone. Officials won't say if the two suspects knew Reznick.

"The investigation is still pending," said Assistant District Attorney Daniel Zola. "We`re working just as hard as we were a week ago and two days ago, so, because it`s pending, we don`t want to release any information that can obviously interfere with the ongoing investigation."

Reznick worked as a chemist at Lancaster Laboratories and he also worked at the University of Scranton as a teaching assistant in the Chemistry Department. Professors say he was doing research for his master's thesis and probably would have finished next year.

As far the investigation into Reznick's death, police and the Luzerne County District Attorney's office encourage anyone with information about the crime contact them.