Hazleton Homicide Arrest

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HAZLETON -- A Luzerne County man is in custody charged with homicide after the death of a man found beaten on a Hazleton street earlier this month.

Breon Judon, 19, of Hazleton is charged with the death of Aaron Reznick, 29, of Ebervale, who died Monday after being found beaten on Carson Street in Hazleton on August 4.

Police said the beating was all over an iPhone and at least one more arrest is expected.

Breon Judon was led out of the Hazleton police department in handcuffs early Sunday morning after being charged with homicide, kidnapping, robbery and more.

"We would just like the community to be able to breathe a little bit easier recognizing that this murderer is off the streets of the city of Hazleton," said Hazleton Police Chief Frank DeAndrea.

Police arrested Judon, known as "Doc," Saturday night at a home on the 800 block of Lafayette Court.

Neighbor Sherry Roman was coming home from a church picnic and saw it all.

"I saw all the cops and they were bringing the criminals out one by one and they had them laying on the ground and handcuffed and just took them away," said Sherry Roman of Hazleton. "It doesn`t surprise me. Really nothing in Hazleton surprises me anymore."

According to court paperwork, Reznick was assaulted, stripped of his clothes, forced in the trunk of his car and later beaten when he tried to escape.

Judon told another person that he and Mitchell Dedes, known as "Money,"  robbed Reznick at gunpoint, all over an iPhone.

Dedes, 17, is in the Luzerne County jail, charged as an adult for another armed robbery in city.

It is unclear if the two knew the victim.

"It`s horrible. You could be walking around or something. You never know what`s going to happen. It`s too close to my home," said Hayley Roman of Hazleton.

"This is one of those homicides that you just shake your head and you have to ask yourself why. There`s just no rhyme or reason, no explanation," added DeAndrea.

Again, police say at least one more arrest is expected.

Officials plan to release more details of the case at a news conference Monday at noon at Hazleton city hall.