Want to add your church, daycare or preschool closings to our calendar? Follow these steps to get access to our WNEP Community Closings Calendar! FAST, EASY and best of all YOU are in control!

STEP 1: REQUIRED: Create a Google Account.

STEP 2: Fill out the form below (be sure to use your Google Account email address)

(Once approved, you will have access to the WNEP Community Closings Calendar on YOUR Google Calendar)
STEP 3: Login to YOUR Google Calendar.
STEP 4: Click the calendar on the date and time you would like to add your closing/delay.
STEP 5: Fill out the Event information in the popup window and choose “WNEP Community Organization Closings” in the dropdown menu next to “calendar”. Your closing/delay will now be visible on the WNEP Community Closings Calendar