Welcome to the Talkback 16 Online FAQ page.

In an effort to better serve our Talkback 16 Online community and incorporate the use of existing and increasingly popular social media platforms, some changes have been made to the format of Talkback 16 Online. Below are answers to some common questions.

Where is Talkback 16?

The first and most noticeable change is that Talkback 16 Online is now incorporated directly into wnep.com itself.  At the bottom of every story and on many pages throughout wnep.com you will find Talkback 16 Online.

Having Talkback 16 Online on each story allows you to comment on the story without leaving the page!

Do I need to create a new account and wait for approval?

No.  You no longer need to create another account for Talkback 16 Online.  Also, there is no longer a wait for account approval.  Once you sign in to wnep.com or Talkback 16 Online you are ready to post.

How can I post a comment on Talkback 16 Online?

Another change in Talkback 16 Online is that you can now log in using an existing email/social media account.  This means no waiting for account approval, so you can post what’s on your mind right now!

There are two ways to sign in to wnep.com and begin posting.  The first way to sign in is at the top of any page.

Just click on the “Sign In or Register” tab.  From there you can choose the account you would like to sign in with.

The second way to log on is in Talkback 16 Online itself.

Click on “Login” in Talkback 16 Online and choose the email/social media account you would like to sign on with.

Once you sign on to wnep.com or Talkback 16 Online, you will be able to post comments on any story and participate in live chat on our Live Streaming page.

How long will I have to wait for my comments to be approved?

There is no longer a wait time for comment approval.  Once you have logged in to wnep.com or Talkback 16 Online, your posts will go live immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are Talkback 16 Online comments moderated?

Comments will be self-moderated through the use of “flagging.” If a reader feels a comment is inappropriate they can “flag” it for review. Comments may be blocked automatically if offensive language is used. As always, troll-like behavior and repeated “flagging” may lead to banning.

Can I share comments made in Talkback 16 Online using social media?

Signed-in users have the ability to share their comments with others by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and email without having to leave wnep.com or post comments multiple times in different places.

When posting, you can choose which accounts to share to directly from Talkback 16 Online.

Reminder When Posting:

We ask that you keep the conversation as polite as possible. Remember that other people using Talkback 16 Online don’t know you personally, so don’t take their comments personally. If you don’t like what someone says and you feel you must reply, please do so tactfully. That means respond to the topic being discussed, don’t just call people names or attack them personally.

Personal attacks and ‘Troll-like’ behavior will result in account banning.

Please keep comments related to the current story.

Have fun!