WNEP’s Community Wellness campaign promotes health and wellbeing in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.  Through our partnership with Geisinger, we bring awareness and information to keep the communities we serve  healthy and informed.

New “Long live everyone” campaign

Geisinger’s new “Long live everyone” campaign is a starting point for a bigger conversation about health and wellness in the communities Geisinger serves. It represents a pledge to Pennsylvanians to make better health easier and more accessible for everyone. But Geisinger does much more than help people get well when they’re sick — Geisinger helps people take charge of their health and choices by making health easier in every moment.

“Long live everyone” is about the total health experience that only Geisinger provides, from the way patients are greeted to innovative services available to them. Here are a few ways Geisinger is making health easier and more accessible for everyone:

Geisinger 65 Forward

Geisinger 65 Forward is a new kind of healthcare designed for people age 65+, with brand new dedicated health centers (in Kingston and Scranton as of January 2020) for seniors and their health needs. Geisinger 65 Forward offers more time with doctors, more services under one roof and more access to wellness activities and personalized care in a calm, relaxing environment.

Learn more: www.geisinger.org/65forward.

Geisinger MyCode

Geisinger MyCode is the world’s largest community health initiative analyzing the DNA of patient-participants who sign up. More than 250,000 patient-participants (as of January 2020) have already participated, and Geisinger’s goal is to give every patient the opportunity to participate. With such a large body of data, they hope to find ways to make healthcare better for you, your family, your community and individuals around the world. They are already improving healthcare by finding ways to diagnose medical conditions earlier.

Learn more: www.geisinger.org/precision-health/mycode.

Geisinger Fresh Food Farmacy

Many individuals lack access to healthy food or knowledge about a healthy diet. Geisinger’s nationally recognized “food as medicine” approach helps to counteract this idea by combating high obesity rates, pre-diabetes and diabetes by providing fresh, health food to those most in need. This program empowers participants to manage their medical conditions through food-related behavior and lifestyle changes.

Learn more: www.geisinger.org/freshfoodfarmacy/our-purpose.

LIFE Geisinger

LIFE Geisinger is a unique program designed to give older adults the support they need to live at home. It helps them live independently while taking advantage of comprehensive daily living and health services. The coordination of care by the LIFE Geisinger team is provided with no gap in services, and they offer relief and support for caregivers.

Learn more: www.geisinger.org/health-plan/plans/life-geisinger.

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