Paul is the eighth in a family of ten, the rest still lives in England. Paul moved to the U.S. when he met his wife Kristine, almost 30 year’s ago. Paul’s gardening career goes back to his childhood. His mother, Barbara, was a keen gardener, an active member of the RHS, and from her, Paul learned all the basics as a child in large Edwardian Homes. He has been gardening ever since, both professionally and for pleasure.

Presently, Paul runs a garden center in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, called Greystone Gardens. It features a unique collection of plants and gardening accessories. Greystone Gardens can be visited on the web at

In regards to his TV work:
Paul has been featured on local television on “WNEP’s Home & Backyard” for well over 800 episodes now. Paul has also worked with WGBH on the PBS Emmy award-winning program, “The Victory Garden”, America’s premier gardening show. Additionally, Paul has appeared on CBS’s Early Show to promote his gardening talents. Paul has won Garden Globe awards for his TV work. The award is given by the Garden Writer’s association for work of an outstanding quality. The PBS production is nationally broadcast in all 50 states.

Paul’s teaching experience is apparent in his succinct “how-to” segments, which help viewers see gardening and their gardens in a creative light. Paul’s love of the art of gardening shines through, along with his British humor and energy. He adds a personable touch that makes gardening attractive to those who would never dream of watching such a program!

Paul enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities, including golf, tennis and soccer. He particularly loves to ride his snowboard and has been teaching at Elk Mountain for the past few seasons. Late winter is spent recuperating and reading history books!

Paul was born in London, England on October 15, 1956. He studied at Warwick University and London University. He holds an honors degree in Psychology and Education and further post graduate studies in Education. Paul holds the Royal Horticultural Society’s Level 3 Certificate of Horticulture. Paul is also a certified arborist (ISA). He has taught in public and private schools in England and the USA. Paul presently lives Clarks Summit, PA with his wife Kristine. Paul has two boys William (19) and Anatoli (21). He has two dogs, Fergus and Lily and a feral cat called Fiona.

Recent Articles
  • Making Wine with Three Hammers Winery

    Paul visits Three Hammers Winery in Hawley to get a tour and sample some of their vintages. Three Hammers owners say winemaking is a craft that combines the skills of art and science. They aim to create something unique from an array of individual ingredients.  They believe it is that process and their attention to detail that is the source of quality.

  • Fresh Parsley All Winter Long

    You don’t have to give up your fresh garden herbs after the first frost.  Paul shows you how to have fresh parsley throughout the late fall and winter season.

  • Bonsai Give It a Try

    Bonsai trees are a Japanese art form. They are the epitome of patience, technique and beauty.  Paul teaches us a bit about the beautiful bonsai!

  • Weed of the Week: Ragweed

    The Ragweed plant’s pollen is a well known allergen.  Paul Epsom gives you important information on Ragweed and how to get it under control in your garden.

  • Perfect Plants for High Impact Fall Gardens

      Just because it is fall, doesn’t mean your garden can’t be visually stunning.  Paul shows us the perfect plants for high impact fall gardens and landscape.

  • Custom Made Furniture by Railside Furnishings

    Railside Furnishings in Mifflinburg offers the utmost custom craftsmanship and quality.  They can create custom furniture from modern to traditional .   Each piece of their Amish furniture is made with time-honored techniques and genuine materials.  Paul visits the Railside Furnishings Showroom where the pieces are created.

  • Dividing Your Plants for Next Spring

    Now is the time to divide your plants for next year. In order to ensure healthy plants,  Paul Epsom shows us how to divide Siberian Bugloss Brunnera, Stella D’Oro Daylily  and Garden Peony. Click Here for List —> Dividing Perennials 

  • Longwood Gardens 2019: Waterlilies

    A highlight of Longwood’s Summer display are the massive water platters and more than 100 types of colorful day and night blooming waterlilies.  They certainly put on a spectacular show.  Paul Epsom get up close and personal in the waterlily pond.

  • Longwood Gardens 2019: The Meadow Garden

    Paul gets a tour of the Meadow Garden, the newest at Longwood Gardens.  It is 86 acres with an outstanding ecological design. You will meander through three miles of walking and hiking trails plus native wildflower plantings.   Learn the story and evolution of the Meadow landscape.

  • A Check Up On The Late Summer Herb and Annual Planters

    Most flower gardens bursting with color and are at their peak this month.  Paul Epsom shows off the herb planters and annual container gardens he planted in spring.  Get ready for amazing before and after displays.

  • A Crash Course in Black Eyed Susans

    Black Eyed Susans are a versatile perennial that brings a burst of mid-summer color to the garden.  Did you know there are many varieties of Black Eyed Susans to chose from?  Paul Epsom gives us a crash course in this sunny yellow beauty.

  • Weed of the Week for August 3rd, 2019

    This week’s Weed of the Week is Japanese Knotweed.  This invasive plant  can wreak havoc on your landscape.  Paul shares important information on how to keep this weed at bay.

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