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  • Healthwatch 16: Integrative Behavioral Health

    POTTSVILLE, Pa. — Just like kids sometimes need to see a doctor for a physical problem, many could sometimes use the services of a psychologist for a mental health problem. Getting those services to the right people is the goal at Geisinger Pediatrics in Pottsville, using something called integrative behavioral health. “In the traditional model, the doc would make a referral, tell the patient, set up an appointment and it turns out 30 to 50% of the patients wouldn’t show […]

  • Back-to-School Backpacks for Students in Columbia County

    SCOTT TOWNSHIP, Pa. —  We know it’s hard to think about school on hot, sunny days like this one, but for most kids, school starts in only a few weeks. Getting all kids ready to roll with all the right supplies was the goal of a business in Columbia County. For a kid, it’s pretty exciting to get a backpack full of new school supplies to start the school year off right. On Wednesday in Scott Township, near Bloomsburg, 450 […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Diagnosing Narcolepsy

    MONROE COUNTY, Pa. — Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to control the sleep/wake cycle. Narcolepsy commonly shows up in the teenage years. Alexus Trotman is 18 years old, friendly and funny, who talked about maybe changing that hair to pink or silver soon. The high school senior from Stroudsburg talked with us about the disorder that has affected her life for as long as she can remember. “I just get really tired and I […]

  • Healthwatch 16: The Gift of Time

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — In most cases, the delivery of a baby is one of the most joyous times in a parent’s life. But sometimes tragedy hits and an infant is stillborn. In that case, a little more time with the baby is all the new mom or dad can ask for. A young mom from Luzerne County, who knows that pain all too well, is trying to give those parents more time in memory of her son. At Geisinger […]

  • Healthwatch 16: eICU

    GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER — Not all intensive care units are built the same and Geisinger officials wanted to better specialize the ICUs at their facility near Danville. They showed us one ICU that just opened last week and demonstrated some of the improvements there. “We were always able to take care of critically ill patients, we just had our patients in multiple different units. So now we have one area we’re able to concentrate on taking care of injured patients,” […]

  • Healthwatch 16: TrueBeam Cancer Treatment

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Radiation has long been used to treat different types of cancer, but doctors say the trouble with it is that good tissue is damaged right alongside the bad. Dr. Anand Mahadevan was excited to show us a new piece of equipment available at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center. He’s the chairman of the department of radiation oncology for the Geisinger Health System. The equipment is something called TrueBeam, what Dr. Mahadevan says is a better way […]

  • Geisinger’s MyCode Gene Sequencing Expanding

    MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. — We’ve reported on a Geisinger research project called MyCode, which uses a person’s DNA as part of a large-scale research project. Hospital officials announced Tuesday they’re ready to use genome sequencing not just in the lab, but in a clinical setting hoping to keep more of their patients healthy, instead of treating them when they’re sick. The CEO of Geisinger Health System, Dr. David Feinberg, rolled up his sleeve for Brenda, a phlebotomist. With this blood […]

  • Support for Young LGBTQ Community at Geisinger

    BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — At Geisinger Bloomsburg Pediatrics, the rainbow flag is displayed on mirrors, for instance, a way to tell anyone who visits this a safe space for the LGBTQ community. “We live in a pretty rural area, you know, if we lived in a city this would be a topic that’s discussed more widely,” said Dr. Megan Moran-Sands. Dr. Moran-Sands is a pediatrician who noticed an increase in the number of her patients, mostly teenagers but some as young […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Knee Replacement Recipients Are Getting Younger

    SCRANTON, Pa. — Lots of people deal with chronic knee pain. Sometimes it’s arthritis, sometimes it’s overuse. In any case, knee pain can really limit your activity. One active woman from Lackawanna County found that happening in her 40s and says she wasn’t willing to live with not doing what she wanted to do. The golf course is where you’ll typically find Beth Sedlak. She’s a golf instructor at Glen Oak Country Club, outside Clarks Summit, in Lackawanna County. She’s also […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Sensory Room at Lehigh Valley Airport for Troubled Travelers

    LEHIGH VALLEY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT — Traveling can be stressful, under even the best circumstances. For those with sensory issues, like autism, air travel can be impossible. The Lehigh Valley International Airport is trying to make that a little easier. It’s one of only three airports in the world to offer a sensory room. Airports can be stressful — there’s ticketing, bag checking, loud noises, and crowds of people, not to mention getting through security. It’s enough to make 12-year-old Trey […]

  • Healthwatch 16: New Geisinger Epilepsy Unit

    SCRANTON, Pa. — Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that results from abnormal activity in the brain. It can cause seizures and is fairly common. One doctor at Geisinger says it affects 4 million people in the country. Geisinger Community Medical Center in Scranton unveiled a new unit this week meant for epilepsy patients. According to officials at Geisinger-CMC, 14,000 people in the area have epilepsy or some form of seizure disorder. Diagnosing it, in the past, has relied on a […]

  • After Near-Fatal Fall, Outdoorsman and Doctor Recall Long Road Back to Adventure

    GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER — An avid outdoorsman wasn’t sure he’d get his active life back after a near-fatal fall left him with serious injuries years ago. But he says a kindred spirit — his surgeon at Geisinger Medical Center — gave him back not only his legs but his sense of adventure, too. This was a reunion years in the making between Dr. Jim Widmaier, an orthopaedic trauma surgeon at Geisinger Medical Center and a patient of his — engineer […]