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  • CBD Products Gain in Popularity

    SHAVERTOWN, Pa. — It’s hard not to see CBD products these days, at pharmacies, cafes, health food stores, even gas stations. CBD is one of hundreds of compounds found in the cannabis plant species, and plenty of users are touting its health benefits. Three letters are everywhere these days: CBD, or cannabidiol. It’s infused into whiskey. It’s featured in beer. It’s even made into treats for our four-legged friends. “I enjoy it. It calms me down,” Kyle Stein said. “I […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Bed to Bike

    GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER — Moving around is probably the last thing someone wants to do when they’ve just had surgery, but getting patients up and around is very important, according to officials at Geisinger Health System. They showed us one way they’re helping patients do that. We’re on the cardiac intensive care unit at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville, and this woman had heart surgery just a few days ago. Therapists are working with her on a stationary bike that’s […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Little Hats, Big Hearts

    MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Little Hats, Big Hearts is a nationwide campaign that was started by the American Heart Association five years ago. Each year, hundreds of thousands of newborn babies get a new red hat, and their moms, dads, and other family members get an education about congenital heart defects. Mom Maria Javier of Montoursville was kind enough to invite us into her room and introduce us to her first baby, and the first grandchild on both sides of […]

  • Living Donor Program at UPMC

    WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — There are between 14,000 and 17,000 people currently on the waiting list for a liver transplant. One option for those patients is a living liver donor. UPMC Williamsport now has a living donor program. When it comes to the health of one very important organ in our bodies, the liver, northeastern and central Pennsylvania doesn’t score high marks. “We have a substantial number of patients who have liver disease in this area who are very sick, and […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Glaucoma, Cataracts in Children

    FORTY-FORT, Pa. — When you hear of conditions like glaucoma and cataracts, you probably think of an adult, maybe even an older adult. But those issues can happen in children, too. At the Geisinger facility in Forty Fort, pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Collin Hair is talking about eye issues typically seen in older adults but can sometimes be seen in kids. One is glaucoma. It’s rare, but it happens. “The incidence of these things is about one to two babies in […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Baby Robot Teaching Childbirth Scenarios

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Doctors say there are some medical scenarios that have traditionally been hard to train for, and that includes the business of having a baby. Many different scenarios can occur during childbirth, and Geisinger just invested in a lifelike robot mom and baby to help train for them. Victoria is an obstetric simulator that can be programmed for various birth scenarios. Dr. Marcel Favetta introduced Victoria to members of an OB-GYN team at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Abigail Geisinger Scholars

    SCRANTON, Pa. — The amount of student debt that many med students take on when they graduate is staggering. Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine in Scranton is trying to combat that with a new program aimed at helping both deserving students and the hospital system’s own future staffing. It’s one thing to train bright students to become doctors. It’s another to entice them to practice in northeastern and central Pennsylvania. But Dr. Steven Scheinman is working on it. The Abigail […]

  • Geisinger Physician Wins Statewide ‘Everyday Hero’ Award

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A state medical society was in the area on Tuesday to present a special honor to a doctor at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center near Wilkes-Barre. The woman who nominated him for the award, one of the doctor’s patients, was also there. Dr. Raghava Levaka, from Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center’s Henry Cancer Center, got a call out of the blue from the Pennsylvania Medical Society telling him he was a winner. The board chose him […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Keeping Warm and Trauma-Free

    MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. — When the temperature drops, some medical officials have different concerns than during the rest of the year. Living in northeastern and central Pennsylvania, we know that winter can be fun, but it can also bring with it all sorts of pitfalls. “We got ice. We got snow. The roads freeze at night and thaw in the day. We do see an uptick of those sorts of accidents.” Jerry Splitt is a Life Flight nurse based in […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Robotic Technology for Hip Replacement

    SCRANTON, Pa. — Hip and knee replacement surgeries are fairly common, and doctors say they’re getting less invasive, thanks to robotic technology. One hospital system showed us how it works and why it’s making recovery time so much faster. It looked like a video game demonstration in the lobby of Geisinger Community Medical Center in Scranton, but this is actually an up-close look at a robotic surgery tool now in use for orthopedic surgeries, such as hip and knee replacements. […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Geisinger Involved with In-depth Sleep Study

    GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER — Think about all that’s affected when you don’t get a good night’s sleep. Doctors say your cognition and memory are impaired and your appetite is affected, just to name a few. Sleep is critically important to our health. Geisinger Health System is one of several organizations now involved in a sleep study. The room may look like what you’d find in a hotel, but it’s actually an exam room, one of eight beds at a sleep […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Geisinger Heart and Vascular Center

    SCRANTON, Pa. — A man from Susquehanna County is ready to get back to planning his beautiful flower garden after a surgery last month that may have saved his legs. His next doctor’s appointment will be in a new heart and vascular center that is set to open in a few days in Scranton. It’s snowy and cold now here in Thompson in Susquehanna County, but the Lambertsons showed us what this place looks like in the summertime: completely in […]

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