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  • Healthwatch 16: Treating Neuromuscular Diseases

    GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER — Experts have made great strides when it comes to treating neuromuscular diseases. Doctors at Geisinger say developments they were reading about in a magazine a year ago are happening now, thanks, in part, to advances in genetic research. There is a summit happening at the end of the month for anyone who would like to know more. In the world of craft fairs, this is the busy season. Marian Davis and her husband travel from show […]

  • Healthwatch 16: How ECMO Works

    DURYEA, Pa. — We featured a young woman from Luzerne County on Tuesday who says doctors saved her life using a bedside life support system called ECMO. We got a demonstration about how it works and why doctors are using it more often. Amanda McAndrew, 30, from Duryea, has had asthma for about half of her life. “Maybe three years ago it started getting worse, don’t know why.” She and her husband Michael shared with us earlier this week the […]

  • Healthwatch 16: ECMO

    DURYEA, Pa. — A young wife and mother in Luzerne County has quite the story to tell. She has asthma that seems to be getting worse and had an episode earlier this year that doctors say could have killed her. If you’ve never experienced an asthma attack, 30-year-old Amanda McAndrew from Duryea, who has had the condition for half of her life, offers this: “You just feel everything tighten and it closes in and nothing moves. You’re gasping but nothing’s […]

  • It’s Time to Talk About Suicide

    PITTSTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Suicide prevention was the topic Dawn Evans and Samantha Benz from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention¬†hoped to pass along at a presentation in Luzerne County. “A lot of times people think that talking about suicide is going to make it happen, and that couldn’t be further from the truth,” said¬†Samantha Benz, AFSP Area Director. These are employees at the Pittston Township location of Benco Dental, the largest privately-owned dental supply and equipment distributor in the […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Healthy Steps at the Bloomsburg Fair

    BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — If you’re enjoying time at the Bloomsburg Fair, there’s a good chance being healthy isn’t your top priority for the day. But that doesn’t have to be the case. “We have a little wheel that kids can spin, do some physical activity, lunges, calf raises, march in place, just to get people moving,” said Starr Haines. Haines works for Geisinger Health System. She says, in addition to spinning the wheel for prizes, the hospital system is sponsoring […]

  • Checking Hearts to Save Lives

    WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — Julie Walker from Mechanicsburg, remembers the day five years ago she got the phone call: her daughter Peyton had been rushed to the hospital. The sophomore Kings College Physician Assistant student died that day of sudden cardiac arrest. “She was just a normal teenage kid on a college campus. You never expect it to happen to a child. You don’t hear of kids dying from heart issues,” said Walker. Julie recalls leaving the hospital with a bag […]

  • Fundraiser for Life Flight Pilot

    FORTY FORT, Pa. — Life Flight pilot Scott Walters from Shavertown has spent a lot of his time in airport hangars, so his colleagues say it makes sense to have a fundraiser for him at an airport. Walters is battling AML, acute myeloid leukemia. There’s a fundraiser to help his family out this weekend. Walters is married with five children. He has a loving family at home, but he has another loving family at the Life Flight base at the […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Knee Pain Leads to Weight Loss and More

    WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — Five minutes with Debbie Craig of Forty Fort and you feel like you’ve known her forever. Debbie wanted to meet us at the pool at Odyssey Fitness on Coal Street in Wilkes-Barre, a place she loves. “I used to weigh 457 pounds. Haven’t had any surgery, just a lot of exercising,” said Craig. But this isn’t a story of weight loss, necessarily. It’s the story of a woman who credits her doctors with helping her get her […]

  • Gold Ribbons to Raise Money, Awareness for Childhood Cancer

    WEST PITTSTON, Pa. — If you’ve taken a drive through parts of Luzerne County this past week or so, you may have noticed big gold ribbons hanging on homes and businesses. Gold is the color of childhood cancer awareness, and September is the official awareness month. Gold ribbons adorn light poles, lamp posts, and some businesses in West Pittston. The ribbons are meant to draw attention to a cause that’s near to the hearts of the community here: childhood cancer […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Fad Diets and Fighting Fat

    GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER — There are a lot of very popular fad diets out there right now and a doctor at Geisinger says fad doesn’t necessarily mean bad or ineffective. But as with a lot of things, there’s a but. It can be so difficult digging through the details of different diets, so many we won’t even mention them all by name. Meat is good! No, meat is bad! Cut out the carbs! No, carbs are fine! Dairy is healthy! […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Cluttering Disorder

    DALLAS, Pa. — There’s a communication disorder you may not have heard of known as cluttering. It’s been studied since the 1960s, but awareness of it has only happened in the past 20 years or so, according to a professor of speech-language pathology at Misericordia University. Amara Ercolano, age 9, loves science and tacos and dinosaurs and she has a great laugh. She has also been diagnosed with a communication disorder called cluttering. “I sometimes don’t know when I have […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Breastfeeding Clinic

    PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The time right after a baby is born is a precious time in a mother’s life. If she chooses to breastfeed, it can also be a difficult and sometimes confusing time, too. One mom shared her story about the people who have worked to be sure nursing is a happy time for her and her son. Little Lucas was born last month to Trisha Perrin and her husband from Swoyersville. Trisha is breastfeeding Lucas like she […]