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  • Healthwatch 16: Geisinger Heart and Vascular Center

    SCRANTON, Pa. — A man from Susquehanna County is ready to get back to planning his beautiful flower garden after a surgery last month that may have saved his legs. His next doctor’s appointment will be in a new heart and vascular center that is set to open in a few days in Scranton. It’s snowy and cold now here in Thompson in Susquehanna County, but the Lambertsons showed us what this place looks like in the summertime: completely in […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Benefits of Bariatric Surgery Beyond Weight Loss

    MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Bariatric surgery is one option for people who are obese and having a hard time losing weight, but a doctor at Geisinger says 30 years after it started, he’s starting to see how beneficial the surgery can be when it comes to reducing disease. It’s a dreary, winter-like day — maybe not the time to crave ice cream, but it’s always on the menu at Becky’s Soft Serve in Northumberland County. “We serve soft serve ice […]

  • Santa Skydives into Schuylkill County to Usher in the Christmas Season

    SHENANDOAH, Pa. — We know he rides through the air in a sleigh, but who knew Santa was a skydiver? The big man in red made a dramatic appearance in Schuylkill County on Friday, parachuting in to usher in the Christmas season. A crowd gathered in the cold at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium, near Shenandoah Valley High School waiting to catch a glimpse of the man of the hour — Santa Claus. But don’t think he’d just walk right up and […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Geisinger at Home

    JESSUP, Pa. — It may be an old idea, but a new program is taking off for a hospital system in our area. Geisinger at Home is just what it sounds like — a team of health care professionals treating a patient in his or her own home. Angels are all over Jeanette Miller’s house in Jessup, but she says some of her favorites wear scrubs. “I had to have the paramedics come and shoot that intravenous into my arm […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Surgery Preparations Improving Recovery

    GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER — Geisinger Medical Center is changing the way it handles pre-and post-operation preparations for patients undergoing surgery. The updated policy is system-wide and officials think it will significantly improve how fast surgery patients can heal and get back to their lives. Kristine McHale, 46, was out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with her husband this March when something strange happened. “I was mumbling, incoherent, my eyes rolling back into my head and he couldn’t understand anything I was […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Watching Out for AFM

    Acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM, is a rare condition. We’ve been hearing a lot about it the past few months because it’s a serious condition, and it seems to be attacking children. It can be scary to think about AFM, or acute flaccid myelitis, a serious condition that affects the nervous system. It’s not a new illness; doctors say it is reminiscent of polio. “I think that everyone is very worried for a variety of reasons, including that it is […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Fighting Addiction with Medication-Assisted Therapy

    WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — As the number of people addicted to opioids grows, so does the number of clinics offering medication-assisted therapy to treat it. Some examples of that would be methadone or suboxone, to name a few. Medication-assisted treatment has its critics, but we spoke with one former drug addict who says it saved her life. “I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I wasn’t mature enough to understand the consequences of my actions.” Shauna […]

  • Olympic Rowing Champ to be Honored in PA Sports Hall of Fame

    DUNMORE, Pa. — Each year, the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame honors a new class of inductees. This year’s list includes Dunmore Bucks football coach Jack Henzes and a special honor for the late Berwick football coach George Curry. But another name on the list this year is a two-time Olympic rower from our area, Abby Peck from Lackawanna County. She says she is honored to be part of it all but wanted to talk about what she’s been doing […]

  • Healthwatch 16: Treating Neuromuscular Diseases

    GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER — Experts have made great strides when it comes to treating neuromuscular diseases. Doctors at Geisinger say developments they were reading about in a magazine a year ago are happening now, thanks, in part, to advances in genetic research. There is a summit happening at the end of the month for anyone who would like to know more. In the world of craft fairs, this is the busy season. Marian Davis and her husband travel from show […]

  • Healthwatch 16: How ECMO Works

    DURYEA, Pa. — We featured a young woman from Luzerne County on Tuesday who says doctors saved her life using a bedside life support system called ECMO. We got a demonstration about how it works and why doctors are using it more often. Amanda McAndrew, 30, from Duryea, has had asthma for about half of her life. “Maybe three years ago it started getting worse, don’t know why.” She and her husband Michael shared with us earlier this week the […]

  • Healthwatch 16: ECMO

    DURYEA, Pa. — A young wife and mother in Luzerne County has quite the story to tell. She has asthma that seems to be getting worse and had an episode earlier this year that doctors say could have killed her. If you’ve never experienced an asthma attack, 30-year-old Amanda McAndrew from Duryea, who has had the condition for half of her life, offers this: “You just feel everything tighten and it closes in and nothing moves. You’re gasping but nothing’s […]

  • It’s Time to Talk About Suicide

    PITTSTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Suicide prevention was the topic Dawn Evans and Samantha Benz from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention¬†hoped to pass along at a presentation in Luzerne County. “A lot of times people think that talking about suicide is going to make it happen, and that couldn’t be further from the truth,” said¬†Samantha Benz, AFSP Area Director. These are employees at the Pittston Township location of Benco Dental, the largest privately-owned dental supply and equipment distributor in the […]