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Chris Keating grew up down south in LaGrange, Georgia. He graduated from Penn State in 2019 with degrees in broadcast journalism and business. He joined the Newswatch 16 team in June of 2019.
During his time at Penn State, Chris interned at WRBL in Columbus, Ga serving in their news department. In the summer before his senior year of school, he was the first ever play-by-play voice of the collegiate summer league baseball team known as the Macon Bacon. At the Penn State, Chris was the producer of a student-run Penn State television show known as Sports Night.
In his free-time, Chris enjoys spending time with friends and family, binging Netflix shows, and cheering on Liverpool FC across the pond.

Recent Articles
  • Former Central Mountain Standout Headed to Super Bowl

    MILL HALL, Pa. — Super Bowl 54 is about two weeks away. We know fans in part of our area will be watching closely when an alumnus from Clinton County takes the field as the kicker for the 49ers. Robbie Gould is a former Penn State Nittany Lion and in just two weeks, he will suit up to play in the Super Bowl, but before he makes his appearance in Super bowl 54, we decided to go visit Clinton County […]

  • Rare Falcon Found Injured in Lycoming County

    SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Over the weekend, Patty Kline spotted something unusual while on her way church. In her neighborhood, was a large bird struggling to fly. “I was watching the bird to make sure it was actually hurt because something like that should have flown away, so I called 911 because I didn’t know what else to do, and I knew it was so cold yesterday I thought it would freeze,” said Kline. “I got on scene, we found […]

  • Ring Reunion After 33 Years in Lycoming County

    WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. —¬†Crystal Lincoln lost her high school class ring 33 years ago. The ring was a gift from her late grandmother. Lincoln says she lost the ring while shopping at the Lycoming Mall. She remembers everything about that day. “We went store to store to store asking did they find my ring, did somebody turn it in, did they see it at the register, when we got down to the end of the mall two hours later, there was […]

  • Lock Haven Adding More Women’s Sports

    LOCK HAVEN, Pa. — There is a resolution in a lawsuit filed by eight former students against Lock Haven University over a lack of opportunities for female athletes. The university promises to continue promoting women’s athletics and has even taken strides to add three new athletic teams for women. That lawsuit filed in 2017 accused the university of breaching several Title IX guidelines. University officials said that no wrongdoing occurred, and they hope to continue to provide support to all […]

  • Game of Skill or Chance?

    WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — A certain gaming machine, the kind you might find in a bar or social hall, has come under fire by the Pennsylvania State Police. Troopers began to remove Pennsylvania Skill Machines earlier this month, and the manufacturer of those games doesn’t understand why. These games get people to put their brainpower to the test in an effort to win some cash. “A slot machine is a game of chance and the player of a slot machine has […]

  • Williamsport Mayor Settling into Office

    WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Williamsport Mayor Derek Slaughter says he has big plans for the city and those living in Billtown are ready for change. For the first time 12 years, Williamsport has a new face in the mayor’s office. Democrat Derek Slaughter was inaugurated just over a week ago. “It’s going very well, obviously. We hit the ground running last Monday, and basically, we haven’t stopped since,” said Mayor Slaughter. The mayor says his experience on city council helped with […]

  • Aly’s Monkey Movement

    LAIRDSVILLE, Pa. — A 10-year-old girl from Lycoming County is raising money to help comfort children in the hospital, and a fifth grade class from a different school is helping her reach that goal. Aly Creasy recently visited the fifth grade class at Renn Elementary School. She talked to students about her charity, Aly’s Monkey Movement. “I made a birthday wish when I was turning 10 to have people donate me money so I can buy stuffed animal monkeys and […]

  • Horse Shot and Killed in Lycoming County

    MILL CREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The owner of a horse is stunned and disgusted after the animal was shot and killed. Now, he’s leading an effort to find the shooter. The horse was shot and killed on his property last week in Lycoming County. Ted Baker was at work when he got a call from his neighbor, telling him that his horse was on the ground and in severe pain. When he got home, he found out that someone had […]

  • Lycoming County Man Charged with Murdering a Toddler

    OLD LYCOMING TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A man from Lycoming County is charged with killing his girlfriend’s child. Jason Forsyth, 22, from Old Lycoming Township, is charged with murder, assault, and related charges in the death of 19-month-old Ky’mani Moore. The little boy died in December of 2018 at his home on Misner Road near Williamsport. Ky’mani’s mother Alyssa Carpenter told police that Forsyth was living with them at the time. She said Forsyth was the only person to have made […]

  • Super Load Slows Lycoming County Traffic

    MONTGOMERY, Pa. — A slow-moving super load reached its destination in Lycoming County Monday afternoon after some traffic tie-ups during the day. The transformer left Montgomery around 7:30 a.m. Monday and began creeping its way along Route 15 toward South Williamsport at 5 miles per hour. The 480,000-pound transformer on wheels is being transported by Edwards Moving and Rigging, a company based in Kentucky. “We had a rail siding in Montgomery off of Coppers Lane that we were using to […]

  • ‘For love, you can do it’ – Romantic Floral Tradition Continues for Union County Couple

    MILLMONT, Pa. — An 82-year-old man in Union County is continuing a tradition that started 64 years ago when he married his wife. Every year, Melvin Bickel drives more than an hour to pick up roses to give to his wife. “Love has no end, you love somebody, it’s for life and I love her more than anything else in the world,” Melvin said. “It shows me that he really does love me, and he cares. He is very caring,” […]

  • Polling Places Changing in Williamsport

    WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — If you live in Williamsport and plan to vote in the primary election, chances are you will have a new polling place. More than 13,000 registered voters in the city will be affected by redistricting. The Lycoming County Board of Elections decided to reduce the number of voting wards from 17 to 13 in the city of Williamsport, and according to the county’s voter services, this is the first time it has ever been done in the […]

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