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  • Photolink Library 2/15/13

    Mike Stevens ends our week in his usual fashion: opening the doors to the Photolink Library and looking at the beauty some of you found and photographed.

  • Valentine’s Day

    Mike Stevens is one for custom and tradition; he has certainly proven that over the years. Valentine’s Day is heaped with tradition and custom from the Pennsylvania road, the view that it may someday go away.

  • Meals on Wheels

    Meals on Wheels is in desperate need of volunteer drivers in this area. You can contact Meals on Wheels at: online.

  • Photolink Library 2/8/13

    The snowstorm may postpone several events in our area this weekend but it will never cancel a trip to the Photolink Library.

  • Norman Rockwell

    Mike Stevens is on the Pennsylvania road in Luzerne County for a look at the works of a master. Here’s the story about an artist who painted America as he saw it.

  • Photolink Library 2/1/13

    Mike Stevens tells us even though we had some bizarre weather this past week, you still have the spirit to go out and take pictures. Many of you have been inclined to grab your camera, go out, take pictures and send them to the Photolink Library.

  • Farewell Chester Sawicki

    Mike Stevens takes a detour off the Pennsylvania road to say farewell to a good friend of ours. Chester Sawicki, Chet as we called him, passed away Sunday. But Chet was a man who was involved in our business long before it became what it is today.

  • Photolink Library 1/25/13

    The bitter cold this week can really make you dislike winter. But Mike Stevens says the folks who send pictures to the PhotoLink Library clearly think differently.

  • Margaret’s Diary

    Mike Stevens travels the Pennsylvania road to Pike County. He has found some interesting reading, dating back to a long time ago.

  • Winter Chill

    Most of us decided it was a good idea to stay inside. But Mike Stevens thought it might be interesting to travel the Pennsylvania road to Promised Land State Park in Pike County to see what he might find.

  • Christmas Trains

    The meaning of Christmas come packaged in many different containers. Mike Stevens travels the Pennsylvania road to Lackawanna County to visit a man who allows us to look inside on certain box marked “memories.”

  • Winter Wonderland (1994)

    Back to 1994 when Mike Stevens went into the heart of “Winter Wonderland.”

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