Alicia Nieves joined Newswatch 16 in January of 2015. She a native New Yorker, who grew up most in the Bronx, but spent a significant amount of time in Florida. In 2010, she graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Radio & Television Broadcasting. After struggling to break into the news industry for just a little over a year, she decided to pursue a Master’s Degree at one of the best journalism schools in the country; Syracuse University’s S.I Newhouse School of Communications.

Just three months after starting her Master’s at Syracuse, she got her first break – working as a part-time reporter for WBNG-TV Action News in Binghamton, NY. For a year, she simultaneously reported for WBNG and completed her Master’s Degree.

Alicia says reporting is her passion. She loves getting to learn what makes a community ‘tick’, what’s important to that community, and trying to make a difference for the people in it. To help her do that, she’s admits to being a social media junkie! She says she tries to connect with viewers and get them the news they want as fast, but accurate, as she can get it. She welcomes followers on Twitter and Facebook to say hello or tell her about any stories in the community they think she should cover.

When Alicia is not reporting, she spends as much time as possible with her family in New York City and Binghamton. With six brothers, and two sisters, she’s a huge sports fan – most notably a diehard New York Giants fan.

Recent Articles
  • Drivers Still Dealing with Slick Roads

    HAZLETON — For some, this was another day of dealing with slick and slippery roads. The sight of tires spinning was common around Hazleton on the day after a big snowstorm. Many streets still look as though they’ve barely been plowed. “They probably could’ve done a little better of a job, but it is what it is. It’s winter in northeast PA so we learn to deal with it,” said Kevin Makarewicz. Even cars with four-wheel drive were having trouble […]

  • ‘I was ready for spring’ – Digging Out in Hazleton

    HAZLETON — You would think after the first big snow storm of the year with most schools in Luzerne County closed for the day, kids would be outside everywhere having fun, but it was not the case in Hazleton. “The wind is just going into your face and yeah, it’s just too cold.” 10-year-old Michele Hernandez came outside, briefly, after the snowstorm to helping her dad shovel the sidewalk. After she’s done her plan is to get some hot chocolate. […]

  • Schuylkill County Prepares for First Big Snow Storm

    POTTSVILLE — Schuylkill County could get four to eight inches of snow by this time Thursday, the most snow the county has seen this winter. While many are not looking forward to the snow, plow businesses say they need it. In Pottsville on Wednesday, it was almost spring-like at 51 degrees. “We were ready for spring. We are not in the snow mood right now!” Tom Whitaker with the city of Pottsville streets department says most of the winter he’s […]

  • Car Dealership Makes Donation to Tamaqua Area Middle School

    TAMAQUA — When school districts have to deal with state budget cuts, typically the programs that hurt the most are anything outside the core curriculum. “With budget cuts and all that, our department as phys ed is one that does get hit. We don’t have all the books that other classes get,” said Jeff Reading, Tamaqua Area Middle School. Sometimes students like those at Tamaqua Area Middle School don’t have all the equipment they could use in a class like […]

  • Naughty Bingo to Support Fire Company

    HOMETOWN — You’ve probably heard of fire departments hosting bingo nights to raise money, but what about naughty bingo? One volunteer fire department in Schuylkill County says it’s had to get creative with fundraising events. The Hometown Volunteer Fire Company is preparing to host its second adults-only naughty bingo night. The first one late last year turned out to be pretty popular. People came from as far as New Jersey, and it was standing room only. “So instead of obtaining […]

  • Inspired by Sister, Girl Collecting Chemo Buddies

    HAZLETON — A lot of us may know how strong sibling bonds can be, but one girl in Luzerne County shows us how inspirational that relationship can be as well. A 13-year-old girl from Hazleton is using her sister’s struggle with a rare disease to help others. A stuffed animal costs only a few dollars, but for 13-year-old Nicole Mahon of Hazleton, the teddies she’s collecting have the potential to be powerful. “I am trying to make the cancer patients […]

  • Calls to Better Protect Corrections Officers

    WILKES-BARRE — A two-day prison uprising in Delaware that led to the death of corrections officer there stirred up strong feelings in Luzerne County. Just six months ago, Luzerne County Corrections Officer Kristopher Moules died during a fight with an inmate. Both men ended up dead after falling down an elevator shaft at the jail in Wilkes-Barre. “It’s just a shame, it really is a shame.” Charles Harris of Ashley has several friends and family members who work as corrections […]

  • New Way to Shop at Gerrity’s

    LUZERNE — The grocery shopping process has been modernized at Gerrity’s stores throughout Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties. Now at all Gerrity’s, you can shop for food with your phone and skip out on the traditional checkout process. Last year, Gerrity’s launched a pilot program with the Fetch app at their location in Luzerne. The grocery store chain was looking for an edge up on the competition. It found that the app delivered, and then some. You now have two options […]

  • Protest in Hazleton Against President’s Executive Orders

    HAZLETON — In solidarity with protests going on around the country, some gathered in Luzerne County to stand up against President Trump’s executive order on immigration. The protest in Hazleton was located outside Congressman Lou Barletta’s office. Just over two dozen people stood along Broad Street in Hazleton outside Congressman Barletta’s office, holding up signs in protest of President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration. “It’s outrageous,” said Chris Snyder of Allentown. “The executive order that was done and all […]

  • Approval for Trump on Twitter in Schuylkill County

    SCHUYLKILL COUNTY — Never before has a president utilized social media, particularly Twitter, the way President Trump has. Even some supporters have criticized the president for his constant tweeting. There have been a handful of polls done on the president’s use of Twitter. They found that a majority of Americans across the country believe President Trump’s use of Twitter is “a bad thing” or “too much.” But if you go to a place like Schuylkill County, most of the people […]

  • Support, Opposition to President Trump in Luzerne County

    WILKES-BARRE — Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has joined 16 attorneys general from across the country in opposing President Trump’s executive order on immigration. Shapiro, a Democrat, said Monday he is exploring all options. Meanwhile, there are plenty of people applauding the executive order. Most of Luzerne County voted heavily in favor of Donald Trump on Election Day, so we were interested if the controversy surrounding President Trump’s first week has changed anyone’s mind or if it solidified their support. […]

  • Trump’s Executive Order Controversy

    WILKES-BARRE — At the core of those protesting President Trump’s executive action over the weekend are two concerns — is the ban constitutional and how much power does a president really have? We spoke with a civil rights lawyer and a professor who teaches constitutional law in Wilkes-Barre. Both gave us more insight into a president’s power through executive orders. In President Trump’s first week in office, he utilized that power heavily. But both experts also weighed in on how […]

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