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  • Pioneering actress and singer Diahann Carroll dies at 84

    Diahann Carroll, who pioneered television with her starring role in the 1968 series “Julia,” died Friday, her publicist Jeffrey Lane confirmed to CNN. Carroll was 84. Lane said she died early Friday, following a battle with breast cancer. Known as much for her talent as she was her beauty and elegance, Carroll was beloved for her work in “Julia,” as well as her subsequent performance as the wealthy and cultured Dominique Deveraux in the 1980s ABC prime-time soap opera “Dynasty.” […]

  • This Backyard Shed in San Diego Is Renting for $1,050 a Month

    SAN DIEGO — A San Diego rental listing is drawing attention for all the wrong reasons, with residents saying the tiny studio’s cost is the latest sign the city has become impossible to afford. The listing, a 200-square-foot, standalone studio renting for $1,050 in University Heights, started gaining traction with a post on the San Diego Reddit page. “Someone is really charging people $1,100 to live in a shed,” the post’s author wrote. “And they want you to have a 650+ […]

  • Vintage B-17 Bomber Crashes While Landing at Connecticut Airport

    A World War II-era aircraft crashed Wednesday morning at Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport, and a fire and rescue operation is underway. The Boeing B-17 bomber that was on tour in the area crashed on landing according to officials. Connecticut State police confirmed there were injuries.  Smoke and flames are visible throughout the area and a medical helicopter has been called to the scene. The FAA confirmed that airport officials have closed the airport, and the FAA has put in a […]

  • Man Allegedly Held Teen Boy Captive as Sex Slave in New York City Apartment

    NEW YORK — A New York City man was arrested after he allegedly held a 15-year-old boy in his apartment as a sex slave, law enforcement sources told WPIX Tuesday. Michael Barreto, 31, was taken into custody after a federal warrant was executed Tuesday morning, according to two sources familiar with the case. A police spokesperson said the teen’s family reported him missing. A search warrant was executed on Barreto’s apartment, where the teen was found, the spokesperson said. Explicit […]

  • Fan Puts His Infamous Phillie Phanatic Belly Tattoo to Good Use

    PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — It’s a landscape, mosaic, a tribute to Philadelphia fandom. And the canvas? Twenty-six-year old Rob Dunphy’s body. “The only person that really doesn’t care for them is my grandpop still to this day. Even at the game, he was texting my dad at halftime, ‘Tell fathead to put his shirt on,’” Dunphy said. In Thursday’s game against the Packers, the Eagles came out with a big win. But it was images captured of Dunphy’s ink eagle, bridge, bell […]

  • 16 Students Sent to Hospital After Getting Insulin Shot by Mistake

    LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, Ind. – More than a dozen Indiana students were sent to the hospital after being given the wrong shot at school Monday. The Lawrence Township school district said 16 students were undergoing a TB screening at McKenzie Center for Innovation and Technology when medical personnel from Community Health Network administered a small dosage of insulin instead. The students were taken to area hospitals for observation, according to the school district, and were accompanied by McKenzie staff and school […]

  • Teen Hunter Shot and Killed After Being Mistaken for a Deer in Georgia

    BRUNSWICK, Ga. — A Georgia hunter was fatally shot after being mistaken for a deer by another person in his hunting party, police said. Bobby Lane, 17, was in an area of heavy foliage on Saturday when he was thought to be an animal by another hunter, the Glynn County Police Department said in a press release. Lane was taken to a nearby hospital where he later succumbed to his injury, police said. The two hunters knew each other, police […]

  • WWII Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday at Bowling Alley – and Scores Above His Age

    WYOMING, Mich. — On Thursday afternoons at Park Center Lanes, the senior bowling league meets to crack the ball against the pins. This Thursday, there was something a little more special in the air. “There are very few 100-year-olds. I feel like I am pretty lucky.” John Sinke told WXMI. Sinke knew his birthday celebration was coming, but he didn’t realize how big of an event it would be. From the bowling cake to the ‘happy 100th birthday banner’ hanging […]

  • CDC Warns Hunters After Man Likely Contracted Tuberculosis From Deer

    OKLAHOMA CITY – With deer season just around the corner, the Centers for Disease Control are warning hunters about tuberculosis. Officials with the CDC issued the warning after learning that a man likely contracted tuberculosis after dressing a deer. In May of 2017, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services learned of a case of pulmonary tuberculosis caused by the Mycobacterium bovis in a 77-year-old man. Officials learned that although the patient wasn’t around anyone with tuberculosis, he had regularly […]

  • ‘OK’ Is Now a Hate Symbol, the ADL Says

    The “OK” hand gesture is now a hate symbol, according to a new report by the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL added that symbol along with several others on Thursday to its long-standing database of slogans and symbols used by extremists. The two-finger OK sign is universally known for meaning everything is all right or approval of something. But the ADL says while not everyone means it to be hateful, the sign has been co-opted by the alt-right. The OK hand […]

  • Man’s Apple Watch Calls 911 for Him After Bike Crash Leaves Him Unconscious

    SPOKANE, Wash. — Bob Burdett ended up unconscious after a bike crash earlier this month in Spokane—and his Apple Watch called 911 for him. Burdett, 62, flew off his bike as he approached a curve at the bottom of a hill, and the ensuing hit was so hard his watch detected it, the Seattle Times reports. The fall-detection feature alerts emergency medical services if the wearer is immobile for a full minute after the fall—which is why, by the time Burdett […]

  • This CEO Raised the Minimum Salary of His Employees to $70K and Now He’s Doing It Again

    BOISE, I.D. – A maverick CEO who slashed his own salary four years ago to raise his employees’ pay is doing it again. Dan Price, the head of Seattle-based Gravity Payments, said Tuesday that all of the employees in the company’s new Boise, Idaho, office will earn a minimum annual salary of $70,000 by 2024. “This morning we cut the ribbon on the new @GravityPymts Boise office AND announced that all of our employees here will start earning our $70k min salary,” […]

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