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  • Sunrise Photo Gallery

    Start your day off right with some beautiful sunrise photos. Have a great photo to share? Submit them to our 'Sunrise Photo Gallery' today.

  • Multiple People Injured After Lava Bomb Hits Hawaii Tour Boat

    HONOLULU – A lava bomb hit a tour boat on Monday morning in Hawaii, injuring at least a dozen people, the Hawaii County Fire Department said. The lava punctured the boat’s roof and it returned to Wailoa Harbor, the fire department said. Three of the injured were taken to Hilo Medical Center; two were reported in stable condition, the other in serious condition. Lava still flowing creates new island One of the passengers in stable condition is a woman in her […]

  • Allergy Warning! Just Watching This ‘Pollen Bomb’ Video Will Make You Sneeze

    Millville, NJ — If you have allergies, you may want to grab some tissues before reading any further. Video posted to Facebook by Jennifer Henderson of New Jersey is striking fear into the hearts of allergy sufferers everywhere. Jennifer Henderson tells Newswatch 16 that her husband Eric was clearing brush when he noticed a large amount of pollen on one of their trees. Henderson wondered what would happen if he tapped the tree with his backhoe and videotape the results. […]

  • This 3-year-old Baseball Player Runs Home in Slow Motion and It’s Hilarious

    Walnut, CA – If baseball doesn’t work out, this kid definitely has a future in comedy! 3-year-old Lennox Salcedo was playing a baseball game in the Walnut Pony Baseball League in Walnut, California, according to ABC News, when a coach told him to run home as fast as he can. Little Lennox did just that – well, not exactly.  As a matter of fact, Lennox did just the opposite and we are all better off for it. The pint-sized player […]

  • Beauty of Winter Photo Gallery

    Have a great shot of winter's beauty? Share it with us!

  • ‘National Dog Day’ Photo Gallery

    August 26 is National Dog Day! Share a pic of your favorite pup/pups!

  • Lucky Charms Unveils New Unicorn Marshmallow

    Minneapolis, MN — Out with the old, in with the new. Earlier this month, General Mills announced it was retiring the hourglass marshmallow and asked fans to vote on the next lucky charming by using an emoji. If you could pick the #NextLuckyCharm, what would it be? Use an emoji to tell us! — Lucky Charms (@LuckyCharms) February 13, 2018 On Twitter Monday, the cereal maker announced that the hourglass will be replaced with a new “magical unicorn” marshmallow. […]

  • PennDOT’s Live Plow Tracker Helps You Plan Your Route During Winter Storms

    HARRISBURG — You can now see where those PennDOT plow trucks are during a winter storm from the comfort of your own home. The Commonwealth has hundreds of trucks ready to roll in the event of a storm, and all of those trucks are now equipped with tracking technology so PennDOT and you can see where they are and where they’ve been.   When plow trucks leave salt sheds to head out on their routes, they have a GPS device on […]

  • Pet Slideshow: January 2018

    Have a great picture of your photogenic pet? Submit it to our Pet Slideshow!

  • Young Fan Shows Team Spirit With Eagles Inspired Haircut

    Turbotville, PA — Talk about showing your team spirit! Check out what Cohen Zechman from Turbotville got cut and colored into the back of his head – a huge Philadelphia Eagles logo! Cohen’s mom tells Newswatch 16 that he sat patiently for two hours at “Against the Grain Barbershop” in Milton. Cohen isn’t the only young football using his head to show their team spirit. Not to be outdone, one young Patriots fan did the same. Jake Messier saw Cohen’s photos […]

  • Flu Stomps the Nation, Overwhelming ERs and Leaving 20 Children Dead

    The flu virus has reached nearly every corner of the nation. Influenza activity is widespread in all states except Hawaii (and the District of Columbia), according to the weekly flu report released Friday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Flu is everywhere in the US right now,” said Dr. Dan Jernigan, director of the CDC’s influenza branch. “This is the first year we’ve had the entire continental US at the same level (of flu activity) at the […]

  • Check Out This Photo of the Space Station Passing Between the Earth and the Sun

    Tucson, AZ — Self-proclaimed amateur astronomer Alan Strauss took this photo of the sun on New Year’s Day from a park in Tucson, Arizona. But do you see that faint stitching that’s bisecting the sun’s middle? That’s the International Space Station. Strauss, the director of the University of Arizona’s Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter, has a PhD in education but enjoys dabbling in the cosmos like his colleagues. Sometimes, he said, when he finds out the ISS will be passing overhead, he […]