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  • Getting Ready for Trout Fishing Fun in Carbon County

    HICKORY RUN STATE PARK — Statewide trout fishing season opens Saturday and anglers are already busy preparing. Dozens of volunteers gathered to help stock Hickory Run State Park in Carbon County with trout Thursday. “We couldn’t do it without them,” said Tim Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. Ron Gouger has been helping stock fish every year for the past 64 years since he was 1years old. He smiled, “Everybody enjoys it. You get the exercise.” […]

  • Community Center in Middle Smithfield Closer to Reality

    MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A township in the Poconos could soon get a new community center thanks to a large grant that came from Pennsylvania gambling revenue. A field at Echo Lake Park in Middle Smithfield Township could soon be home to a community center. If all goes as planned, the new building there will be a community gathering place. It will have a museum, a library, and a Red Cross shelter. “A sense of place is very important. […]

  • ‘Jack Attack’ Fundraiser for Baby with Leukemia

    PARADISE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A school community in the Poconos is rallying to help a teacher’s son who is battling leukemia. Students lined up to support the “Jack Attack” Bracelet Fundraiser at Swiftwater Elementary Center (SEC). One-year-old Jack Callahan was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. SEC second grader Adrian Rivera reacted, “I felt really sad, and in art, I made a little card for him, and it said get well soon.” Jack’s mother Molly is an SEC art teacher. Her colleague […]

  • Dealing with Tax Changes as Deadline Looms

    EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Tax Day is less than a week away, and with so many changes to the tax code this year, many people aren’t sure how to handle the impending deadline. Accountant John Georgiou spent much of this tax season explaining new tax laws to his clients. “They overhauled the whole system,” Georgiou said. “The tax forms look different. There are new tax forms. They changed all the tax rates.” Many people were confused because their tax refunds […]

  • As Spring Weather Returns, Thinking About Winter

    COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP, Pa. — While the weather is just warming up, some people are already thinking about the deep freezes to come next winter. A firehouse in the Poconos is getting some upgrades to make sure it can keep people warm during emergencies. The Coolbaugh Township fire hall is a place where people can come to get warm when major storms knock out power, but this past winter, things didn’t work out as planned. “Our heating system was not working […]

  • Drive-In Screen: Gone with the Wind

    MAHONING TOWNSHIP — With just about two weeks until drive-in movie season starts, the Mahoning Drive-In has a big problem. “It’s going to be about $24,000 to fix it.” Theater owner Jeff Mattox told us last summer he knew the screen would probably need a little work. “We were going to do it in the fall after we closed, but it got too cold out too quick,” said Mattox. First came the cold, then the wind. An employee called Mattox […]

  • Reminder: Most Baby Animals in Nature Aren’t Abandoned

    SUMMIT HILL, Pa. — Spring is here, and that means baby animals are arriving. Staff members at one local wildlife rescue center tell us they’ll see a huge influx of newborn creatures coming through the doors, but often, those animals would have been just fine if humans had left them alone. If you see a newborn animal alone, you might assume it’s an orphan and try to help by taking it to a wildlife center, but experts say that’s not […]

  • Library Cafe in the Poconos Seeking More Community Support

    STROUDSBURG, Pa. — A cafe that employs people who have special needs is looking for more community support. The Fitzmaurice Library Cafe in the Poconos has been open for more than a year but it seems many people don’t even know it’s there. People come in for morning joe done just right and served with a smile. It’s a smile that 40 years ago, doctors said would never happen. “They said she would never smile, she would never walk, she […]

  • Dreary Weather Rains on Winter Break

    STROUD TOWNSHIP, Pa. —  Winter vacation, a great time from some ice hockey but there were no puck drops at the Stroud Township rink on Friday. Just raindrops on a giant puddle. Well – maybe some skiing?  Nope. Slopes are closed. How about sledding? The only thing sliding down this hill is water. So today we can’t use our skates or our skis or our sleds. What we really need is a big umbrella and quite a few people here have […]

  • New Pennsylvania Animal Rescue Law

    STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Mary Morgan adores animals. On Friday, she adopted a cat named Fred from the AWSOM Animal Shelter in Stroudsburg. “We consider our pets our children,” said Morgan. Morgan was happy to hear first responders can now break into vehicles to rescue pets. “I think it`s a great law. I do. If I see an animal or anything in distress, I always want to help,” said Morgan. The staff at the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe is especially […]

  • Getting Ready to Ring in 2019

    SWIFTWATER, Pa. — The Frogtown Chophouse team is stocking up for a giant New Year’s Eve bash. “A great time will be had by all,” said Eric Noone, Co-Owner Frogtown Chophouse. There’s vodka and of course champagne, lots of it. Of course New Year’s Eve and champagne go hand and hand. Eric Noone and Lyman Winner own the restaurant in Swiftwater. It takes them almost a month to prepare for their New Year’s Eve bash – their biggest night of […]

  • Body of Missing Woman Recovered

    DINGMAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Authorities confirm the body of a missing woman from Monroe County has been recovered. The Pike County Coroner tells Newswatch 16 that the body of Sonya Datesman was found by searchers around 2 p.m. Datesman’s body was discovered in Dingman Township after dogs and divers spent much of the day searching along the Delaware River. “They’ve been down here and they got four or five boats in the water and they’ve got divers and dogs,” said […]

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