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  • Service Dogs Watch Live Musical as Part of Training

    ONTARIO, Canada — When the cast of a Canadian production of “Billy Elliot: The Musical” took their final bow after a recent show, the audience didn’t make a single sound — not even a woof. A polite crowd of about a dozen future service dogs attended an August performance at Ontario’s Stratford Festival as part of their training. While a silent curtain call might disappoint actors, the dogs’ spellbound stillness is a great sign for their future handlers. The event […]

  • At Least 26 People Have Been Arrested After Threats to Commit Mass Attacks Since Dayton

    HOLLY HILL, Flo. — When authorities came to arrest a 15-year-old Florida boy from Holly Hill on Friday after threats to commit a school shooting were made on a video game platform, he told police he was joking, according to a Volusia County Sheriff’s Office report. He is one of more than two dozen people who have been arrested over threats to commit mass shootings since 31 people were killed in one weekend this month in shootings in El Paso, […]

  • Facebook Finally Rolls Out Privacy Tool for Your Browsing History

    More than a year after Mark Zuckerberg tried to defuse a privacy uproar by teasing a new tool to help users “clear” their history on the platform, it’s finally rolling out — but some may be disappointed by the limitations of the feature. The company said Tuesday that it’s finally introducing a tool to help users see and manage the data that apps and websites collect on them and share with Facebook. But users won’t be able to delete this […]

  • Father Walked into Sheriff’s Office, Reportedly Told Dispatcher He Killed Someone — His Daughter

    UNION COUNTY, N.C. — A North Carolina father walked into the Union County Sheriff’s Office Sunday and told the dispatcher that he had killed someone, the sheriff’s office said. The victim was his daughter. Joshua Lee Burgess, 32, told the dispatcher he was there to turn himself in after killing someone in his Monroe home, about 20 miles southeast of Charlotte, according to a news release from the Union County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office identified the victim as Burgess’ […]

  • Planned Parenthood Drops Federal Funding Over Abortion-Referral Restriction

    Planned Parenthood announced Monday it will drop federal funding over the Trump administration’s rule blocking the reproductive rights organization from talking to patients about abortion services. “Due to an unethical and dangerous gag rule, the Trump administration has forced Planned Parenthood grantees out of Title X,” Alexis McGill Johnson, the acting president and CEO of the organization, said in a phone call with reporters. Johnson said the organization will continue to fight the rule in court. She said the regulation […]

  • Alligators Caught Climbing Fences and Swimming Across Roads in Florida

    Most people know alligators get just about everywhere in Florida, but now they’ve really leveled up. Videos from last week show a massive 463-pound gator swimming in the middle of a busy road — and another climbing a fence. One of the intrusive reptiles was filmed on Thursday swimming in a giant puddle in the middle of an intersection during a downpour in St. Petersburg. Facebook user Roger Light Jr. caught it on video. Another gator in Jacksonville took a cue from a viral […]

  • There could have been three more mass shootings if these men weren’t stopped, authorities say

    Authorities this weekend announced they had foiled three potential mass shootings after arresting three men in different states who expressed interest in or threatened to carry them out. All three cases were brought to authorities’ attention thanks to tips from the public. Here’s what we know about them. Police say he had the motivation and the ammunition In Connecticut, 22-year-old Brandon Wagshol was arrested after authorities said he had expressed interest in committing a mass shooting on Facebook, according to a statement from the […]

  • The husband of an El Paso shooting victim worried few people would attend the funeral. Hundreds of strangers showed up

    Antonio Basco stood in front of his wife’s casket for two hours Friday hugging strangers. The El Paso man initially thought no one would show up for his wife’s visitation service. Margie Reckard, 63, was killed when a gunman opened fire at a Walmart. The couple had no relatives in the area. Basco walked into the La Paz Faith Memorial and Spiritual Center to a storm of applause and a procession of people wanting to hug him. The building was at […]

  • 5 Scariest Roller Coaster Drops Around the World

    Roller coaster fans savor every second of the ride, but there’s something really special about that big drop. Advances in technology, design and engineering over the decades have allowed amusement parks to offer ever taller, faster and steeper coasters (with loops and other kinds of inversions as well). These big hills are getting ever more thrilling and frightening — and that’s really the point, isn’t it? People will travel hundreds and thousands of miles to get their coaster fix, so […]

  • Pumpkin Spice Spam Is Coming, and You Know What? It Sounds Pretty Good

    Forget changing leaves and brisk breezes — pumpkin spice is the official harbinger of fall. And, for better or worse, Spam is entering the flavor fray. Starting September 23, lovers of all things autumn can purchase limited-edition Spam Pumpkin Spice on Walmart and Spam’s online stores, a spokesperson for Hormel Foods told CNN. There’s no pumpkin in this pork: It’s mixed with cinnamon, clove, allspice, and nutmeg, according to the spokesperson. What could a sweet mystery meat possibly pair well […]

  • Illinois Just Became the First State to Require Insurance Companies to Cover EpiPen Injectors for Kids

    ILLINOIS — Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has signed a law that would require insurance companies to cover costs for kids needing EpiPen injections for cases of severe allergic reactions. House Bill 3435 will take effect January 1, and would require companies offering health insurance policies in Illinois to pay for “medically necessary epinephrine injectors for persons 18 years of age or under.” In a tweet on Tuesday, Pritzker hailed the bill, saying, “This legislation takes a big step forward in […]

  • Man Dies After Taco-Eating Contest at California Baseball Game

    FRESNO, Ca. — A man died Tuesday night after participating in a taco eating competition at a minor league baseball game. The competition took place last night at Chukchansi Park in Fresno, California, during a game between the Fresno Grizzlies and Memphis Redbirds. The man was identified as Dana Hutchings, 41, by the Fresno County Sheriff’s department. The team’s on-site medical staff and paramedics immediately attended to Hutchings after he collapsed, a spokesperson for the Fresno Grizzlies said in a […]

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