Williamsport Mayor Settling into Office

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Williamsport Mayor Derek Slaughter says he has big plans for the city and those living in Billtown are ready for change.

For the first time 12 years, Williamsport has a new face in the mayor's office. Democrat Derek Slaughter was inaugurated just over a week ago.

"It's going very well, obviously. We hit the ground running last Monday, and basically, we haven't stopped since," said Mayor Slaughter.

The mayor says his experience on city council helped with his transition into power.

"It was nice to have a little behind-the-scenes look on council, so I wasn't completely blindsided taking over this office, but still with all the experience on council, the last few years, you know, it was still a lot to take in last week during the first week," added Mayor Slaughter.

Slaughter told Newswatch that he wants to make day-to-day operations at City Hall more efficient and bring positive change to the city.

"Ultimately, whether I think it is a low-hanging fruit or something that is going to take a little more time, you know, you're going to see some positive changes here out of City Hall that is going to positively impact our community," said Mayor Slaughter.

Citizens of Williamsport seem to be optimistic with Slaughter being in office, and they are excited for some fresh ideas.

"I think it's pretty exciting," said resident Kevin Bloom. "I think there is a lot of potential in Williamsport, just with a lot of small businesses here, and I think we needed somebody new to come into the area and just give a little shove to those businesses and the people around here."

"I'd maybe like to see a list of items that he would like to fix. I have heard of one where he is talking about trying to work on transportation in the local area, which I think there are some problems there. I do believe that we need the change, I do believe that," John Knopp said.

Slaughter says his current and main goal is to get all of the city's finances in order.

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