Closed Tunkhannock Schools Sold at Auction

MONROE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- On the outside, Mill City and Evans Falls Elementary Schools look like any other schools closed for the weekend.

Inside they are cleared out, with only a few reminders left behind that these were once rooms where students learned to read and write.

The two buildings are schools the Tunkhannock Area School District closed last year after restructuring the schools in the district.

They tried to sell them in a closed bid before, but the board rejected the offer so the board put them on the auction block.

"We had a declining population of our students, and this way all of our students are together in one building," explained Philip Farr, a Tunkhannock Area School Board member.

Since they closed the two schools, the district has been footing the bill for upkeep ever since, which isn't cheap.

"These are large buildings we have to find the right buyers for them. And so basically you just kind of dig in and start deciding how you're going to market them," said Theresa Burke of Shamrock Auction Services.

The Burke Family has been running Shamrock Auction Services for 54 years. Theresa's father Jerry has been doing this his whole life and ran the auction.

The Evans Falls building sold for $280,000 and the Mill City school sold for $110,000; both were bought by the same buyer.

Not only is the real estate up for sale, but also the items inside the schools; a kitchen is being offered to the buyer at $10,000.

"There's kitchen equipment, playground equipment, of course, there's desks, risers, the library, which is really interesting," added Burke.

Those items are still up for grabs and their details can be found on the Shamrock Auction Services website.

The sale of the two schools still needs to be approved by the school board on Tuesday.

The buyers are from the Tunkhannock area and did not share what their plans are for the former schools.

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