Wright Center Spreading Warmth in the New Year

SCRANTON, Pa. -- An organization in Lackawanna County is making sure those in need have the resources to stay warm this winter.

At the Wright Center for Community Health in Scranton, hats, scarves, and gloves are being bagged for people in need.

"We live in a community where there are a number of patients who are not capable of providing these things for themselves or their children. Our goal is to provide just that," said Dr. Erin McFadden at the Wright Center.

Over the past few years, volunteers have helped to hang the bags from trees in public areas, but this year they are expanding the project, offering new or gently used coats to both patients and community members in need.

"Some people don't have the means of the accessibility to get simple things as jackets and glove, and with the cold weather and harsh weather, they need it. So we're here to help them any way we can. It's something as simple as giving them a pair of gloves," said Wright Center practice manager Shane Cobert.

The Wright Center already has some donations at its five locations, but it's hoping for your help to fill their bags.

"As long as we have stuff to give out, we're going to do it all the way through the end of March," Cobert said.

Anyone in need of a coat or winter-weather accessory can stop at the Wright Center during their office hours, no questions asked.

Dr. McFadden says these simple donations can make a big difference over the cold winter months.

"Living in the northeast with the cold weather and the conditions, when you're outside exposed to the cold elements, particularly the cold and the young of age and the elderly, you're at risk of hypothermia, frostbite, you want to make sure you're properly covered and proper body temperature, and minimize your cold exposure," said Dr. McFadden.

If you have any cold weather wear you would like to donate, you can contact the Wright Center at one of their locations.

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