Sound the Alarm: There’s a Need for EMTs & Paramedics

If you ever have to call 911, the last thing you want to think about is are there enough EMTs (emergency medical technicians) or paramedics to help you out in an emergency.

Some organizations are sounding the alarm on the growing need around the country and in our area for more types of these emergency responders.

Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey highlighted the demand for more EMTs and paramedics in our area along with the training, the pay scale, and demand for these jobs close to home.

Ryan visited Pennsylvania Ambulance's headquarters on Capouse Avenue in Scranton.

The growing demand for more EMTs in the Scranton area even prompted Pennsylvania Ambulance Company to develop its own EMT school.

PA Ambulance also partnered with the Career and Technology Center of Lackawanna County to train high school students to become part-time EMTs while still in high school.

In Luzerne County, PA Ambulance opened a second training location at Transmed Ambulance in Luzerne Borough.  For more info on training here, call 570-793-5788.

If you live in an area that was not mentioned but are interested in working in your community as an EMT or paramedic, contact your local ambulance service.  Here's a list!   It'll open as a "Microsoft Excel" spreadsheet.  These companies can direct you on how to get trained and hired.

For more information about Pennsylvania Ambulance, its jobs, and training programs, call 570-558-1212 and ask for Bruce.

Click here to see the pay scale in Pennsylvania for paramedics.

Head here to see the pay scale in Pennsylvania for EMTs.

Note: pay varies from company to company.


  • matt crimi

    Let’s see. Pay is garbage. Usually $10-$12/hour. Benefits are even worse. Companies are more focused on inter-facility transports than 911 calls because it’s guaranteed money vs 911 calls may not pay. Oh and let’s not forget the useless need to call 911 because someone has the sniffles. Ryan should do a story on the abuse of the 911 system and when it is appropriate to call for an ambulance. And it’s not because you think you’ll be seen faster

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