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People are Prioritizing Fitness and Family in the New Year

NANTICOKE, Pa. – New Year’s Day is the day people like to set goals and resolutions for the year ahead.

For some people, it was all about being more healthy and starting off 2020 at the gym, and there were plenty of people pumping iron at Nanticoke Fitness Center.

“I try to work out a lot throughout the year, but you know, a lot of the times, I have lapses where I stop going. This year is kind of like make sure I stick to a steady schedule,” Justin Casey said.

“Just to live a healthy lifestyle. Live longer. A lot people have families, so the healthier you are, the more time you'll be able to spend with your family and keep up with the little ones,” Mark Malshefski said.

Little ones we spoke to also want to be more active in the new year, including 7-year-old Jackson Griffith of Scranton, who wants to play more baseball.

In addition to making fitness more of a priority in 2020, people we spoke to say they also want to spend less time on their devices.

“We want to do more family time, and we hope that everyone can kind of just disconnect this year and do more things together,” Alyssa Wintermute of Jessup said.

Southside Bowl in Scranton was also busy on New Year’s Day. People of all ages were looking to start the year off right by spending more time with family.

“To help my mom out more at home and walk my dog more and take her outside more,” Isla Gargone, 8-years-old, of Wyoming said.

Beyond these individual goals, people have much broader hopes.

“My hope for the country is just, you know, there's a big divide right now," Casey said. "So, I really hope we figure that out this year."

“Solve the world hunger, world peace,” Jason Saunders of Scranton added.

“My hope is that 2020 is better than 2019,” Frani Malinoski of Scranton said.

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