Luzerne County District Attorney Rules Police Involved Shooting Justified

NANTICOKE, Pa. -- Luzerne County's District Attorney says the killing of a young man by police earlier this month was justified.

According to District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis.

It all started when 20-year-old Jordan Oliver took a fifteen-year-old girl at knifepoint outside Greater Nanticoke Area High School.

Police showed up and the girl was told to get into a police vehicle then Oliver sprayed police with mace and jumped into the driver's seat of the police SUV.

Officers fired shots at the SUV with Oliver and the girl inside.

Oliver took off eventually getting out of the SUV with the girl.

They ran into a wooded area a couple of miles from the school.

Police caught up with Oliver and the girl.

Oliver had a hold of her and claimed to have a gun.

Multiple officers opened fire and killed Oliver.

Luzerne County's DA ruled the girl was in danger and police were justified in killing Oliver.


  • Kelly Bolt

    It’s so sad that with all the technology we have and how evolved our human race has become, that we still cant learn to talk down a young man. And shame on you Stefanie for sticking up for your brothers in blue and not taking the high road here and changing this policy where NPD calls State PD and says our brothers daughter has been kidnapped and now the State PD not knowing this kid, is all riled up thinking this was something serious. NPD knew these kids wanted to be together, they knew Samara chose to be there she wasnt forced. I have alot of respect for our PDs but I think as humans we need to try harder to not reach so quickly for the gun and instead start training harder on talking down a person, for real even learn to shoot out a kneecap first or taser use tear gas we have so much technology for jimminies sakes use a tranquilizer dart!

  • Willy

    Perfect resolution to this situation. Another piece of trash in the ground and not wasting my tax dollars rotting in a prison cell. Great work by all the police involved. Keep putting scum 6 feet down where they belong.

  • nowiseenitall

    Everytime I read something about this story the “FACTS ” are never the same. I don’t know what lie to believe

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