Christmas Presents Stolen from Hazleton Charity

WEST HAZLETON, Pa. -- Volunteers at United Charities of Hazleton, workers have been working endlessly to bring a little light to families in need this holiday season.

"We pretty much just help the community. People come in, they ask for things and we distribute," said Kristina Evancho, United Charities of Hazleton.

But while the charity organization in this part of Luzerne County has been in a giving mood, handing out presents to underprivileged families someone was in a taking mood on Wednesday afternoon.

"The girls were in having lunch in the one office right here. When we came out, it was gone. Someone walked in real quietly, very sneaky and stole the gifts," Sandra Fisher, United Charities of Hazleton.

There were specific dolls put aside in this hallway for three girls in the area then someone walked into the building in West Hazleton took them and left between 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.

"I give away clothing every day and food every day. We give anything anything that we have. I open up the pantry when I'm closed in the evening. When someone needs something, we get it for them. It was three little girls, whoever took them, I'm sure they didn't have three little girls," said Fisher.

United Charities of Hazleton does not plan on pressing charges, but employees hope whoever stole the presents digs deep down inside, realizes they did something wrong and returns them.

"It is disappointing because we're all into the Christmas spirit and someone comes and takes it all away," said Evancho.


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