President, Vice President to Stump near Hershey

DERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Big-time politics is coming to the Keystone State Tuesday evening. Both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are coming to central Pennsylvania.

The president has a Make America Great Again rally planned for 7 p.m. at the Giant Center in Derry Township. It's a big arena just outside of Hershey.

Pennsylvania was in the Trump column three years ago, and Trump needs the state's 20 electoral votes if he is to remain in the White House.

Trump's rally is expected to cost Derry Township Police $15,000 for security.

"Our job is public safety. So, we're there to ensure the safety of the public that's going to be there, whether they're going to be there, whether they're protesting the event, or whether they're traveling through the area and affected by the event that's who we're there to serve," explained Derry Township PoliceChief Garth Warner.

Help is on the way. The 2018 Republican candidate for Governor, Scott Wagner, has offered to give Derry Township the money it needs to pay for Trump's security.

In nearby Harrisburg, the city billed the Clinton and Trump campaigns for campaign event security. It's still waiting for the money.

"We absorb those costs. Ultimately, it means there's less money available potentially for extra patrols or other things our police do, said Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse.

The mayor of Harrisburg says in the future he will consider mandating down payments for political rallies held in the city.

This will not be President Trump's only visit to Pennsylvania this week. He is scheduled to attend the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia on Saturday.

To get inside the rally, you need to RSVP online and print a ticket.


  • Trucker

    God Bless President Trump!, Thank you WNEP for doing this yourself, you don’t need CNN, they just hurt your credibility.

  • truthbetold37

    God bless!!! He’s got my vote! I wonder if he knows how much he is appreciated especially with all this anti American, scumbag rhetoric engulfing the fake news stations?

  • Bob Stevens

    Trump is (not necessarily has to be) traveling to get votes, where as the Dems are campaigning with taxpayer dollars live on TV each day with this impeachment coup. They have touted since 2016 they wanted to remove him because they lost an election Obama/Hillary rigged… and the TDS stuff is the only thing that fires up their base. Even the never Trumpers don’t want hardcore anti-American leftism.
    Now I just hope all this “Q” talk comes true, and all the members of the deep state and traitors working with them to undermine and destroy the republic and constitution get what’s coming to them. Rounded up, military tribunals, and either executed for treason/sedition or hard labor.

    • Rusty Knyffe

      I’ve never been enamored of the individual who became the Prez, but I have to say that things have improved for our Nation’s economy. What I am confounded by is this ongoing outrageous, audacious, and ludicrous waste of time with impeachment! WTH???? Aren’t there REAL matters that our elected officials need to attend to instead of wasting thousands of man-hours (yeah, I typed it: MAN-hours), tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, and oxygen on this ridiculous pursuit???

      So people don’t like the Prez. Well, people didn’t like Obamination, either, but we didn’t see the shill media and every non-liberal socialist demand HIS head on a platter, did we? Trump 2020. The idiot dems have guaranteed it.

      • Rusty Knyffe

        ^ Moderation and ultimate evaporation of comment in…………………3……………………2…………………1…………..

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