Second Victim Dies Following Shooting in Monroe County

CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A second person is now dead after gunfire broke out last week in Monroe County.

State police continue to investigate the deadly shooting, an attack they say stemmed over drugs.

Investigators in Monroe County say Khalil Durante passed away on Saturday. Troopers say he was shot, but an autopsy is planned for early this week.

Dylan Beinert, 22 was also shot and killed.

A third person was shot and remains hospitalized.

It happened at a home on Silver Maple Road in Chestnuthill Township late Wednesday night.

Troopers have charged three people in connection with the crime: Deani Powell, 22 of Easton, Matthew Burke, 21of East Stroudsburg, and Eric Gulley, 41 of Allentown.

Powell told investigators she and the two men tried to rob that home near Brodheadsville when the shooting happened.

There's no word on that third shooting victim's condition. The investigation continues.


  • wellmaybeido2

    Why were these supposedly great kids, involved with drugs? You aren’t dealing with choir boys in the drug world, you know.

  • peach671

    Typical hypocritical and intolerant liberal tyrant behavior. Wipe yourself off liberal tyrant scum, you dead.

  • Mike

    No big loss to society here. Not even sure why this is news worthy? Not like the news reports on a day in the life of a thug in Chestnuthill Twp., only when the animals kill one another.

    • wellmaybeido2

      So cynical. I didn’t know the people who were shot and wonder if they were just trying to game the system and make some easy money. Not condoning that, but it’s one thing to sell drugs, it’s another thing to set out to rob someone and then end up shooting three people, two of whom have died.


    when the scum is not obliterated, this is what happens, thanks libtards for being so concerned about criminal rights

  • wellmaybeido2

    The victims are so young, as are the perps. I wonder how much money/drugs, were really involved. These three are going to get the book thrown at them or should. Sickening there is so much violence for so little.

  • lamestream r

    Thugs for drugs is always a losing battle! Hopefully, the liberal Judges in Monroe County send a message to these criminals once they are found guilty and sentenced!

    • Mike

      Probably get ARD, house arrest and a $200 fine with those clowns they call Judges there. That’s if they aren’t to busy looking at porn and covering stuff up for family members.

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