Vehicle Vandals Targeting Hospital Parking Garage

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A series of break-ins at a hospital parking garage in Scranton has employees on edge. The victims include nurses in the hospital's NICU, doctors, and even a patient who was in labor.

Almost everyone who works at Moses Taylor Hospital in Scranton parks in the garage on Monroe Avenue.

We spoke to one NICU nurse who works the overnight shift. She was advised not to park on the street overnight because it was unsafe, but it was parking inside the garage that cost her hundreds of dollars, a major inconvenience, and her peace of mind.

"The whole back window was smashed out," Jess Wood recalled.

Jess is a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit at Moses Taylor Hospital in Scranton.

"I was bawling my eyes out, just because, like I'm at work in a hospital."

Fortunately, nothing was stolen, and Jess was able to get her window repaired quickly. But the $600 bucks it cost her was frustrating.

"It's my hard work at the hospital and it's the money I could be spending with my loved ones for the holidays or buying something for - I just got a house, so something for that. Instead, I had to waste a ton of money on a window," Wood said.

She isn't alone - among the victims was a woman in labor.

Scranton police confirm they've received 19 reports of break-ins since October 20.

Jess says she and her coworkers don't know why anyone would do this, and they just want it to stop. Jess says she now fears for her safety every time she goes to work, and so does her family.

"It's very unsafe, and that's everyone's concern, and going to a hospital I don't feel like that should be a concern. It should be focusing on what's inside the hospital, not your car outside."

Commonwealth Health, the owner of Moses Taylor Hospital, said in a statement:

"We are aware of the break-ins at our parking garage. We are working with the local police and have implemented new security protocols in our parking areas. We are asking our patients, visitors, and staff members to help by locking their car doors and keeping any belongings left in the car out of plain sight."

The parking garage is owned by the hospital but operated by LAZ Parking. The person we spoke to from that company could only confirm that they are aware of the problem and that security staff has been increased at the garage.


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