Susquehanna County Hit Hard by Snowstorm

SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY, Pa. -- As we made our way to Susquehanna County, we saw plenty of plow trucks headed north too on Interstate 81.

We found back roads in Oakland near Susquehanna Borough that were pretty snow-covered and slick.

"A truck was going up the road up here, and he cut me off, and that's why I'm down in here," said Terry Irwin, Susquehanna.

Terry Irwin wound up in a snow-covered embankment after hitting a slippery spot.

His family towed him out because his SUV would not budge.

"Been trying and trying, you can see where I've been trying to get out, but you just aren't getting anywhere. Four feet right there, it's about a 15-foot drop-off," said Irwin.

By mid-evening, Newswatch 16 measured ten inches of snow in this part of Susquehanna County.

"It came kind of fast, and it's actually got some ice underneath it. Probably about a quarter of an inch in some spots. It's pretty slippery," said Randy Glover, Oakland mayor.

Neighbors in Oakland did their best to help one another mayor Randy Glover was plowing people's driveways.

"Very grateful. He's really good about stuff like that. Most neighbors are though, everybody is good about helping each other out," said Carol Bentz, Oakland.

Just down the street, Kevin Snyder was also clearing a neighbor's driveway, and while this is only the first big snowfall of the season, he's wishing it would be the last.

"I cannot wait for it to be over. I didn't even want it to start," said Snyder.

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