Police Keeping Close Eye on Christmas Decorations

MONTOURSVILLE, Pa. -- Police in one Lycoming County community will be keeping a close eye on Christmas decorations on houses this year. They aren't looking for anything criminal, but for homes that are prizeworthy.

The Christmas season is back once again, and homes in Lycoming County are beginning to look much merrier. Homeowners in Montoursville are going above and beyond to spread some Christmas cheer.

"It's good for when the kids come home," said Rodney Watson. "It's like what we have always done since they've grown up. It's just part of Christmas."

However, people in Montoursville have an extra incentive for decorating their homes this holiday season. The borough will be holding its second annual lights and decorations competition this Christmas.

"It's a house lighting competition for the holidays. We will just drive around and pick our favorite houses, and we will announce their names one at a time on our Facebook page," said Montoursville Deputy Chief Jason Bentley.

Each winner of the light competition will receive a $50 gift card to one of three businesses in Montoursville.

The Montoursville Police Department will choose eight winners, and they say they are taking their judging very seriously.

"I look for a complete picture, the roof, yard, windows, and trees," Bentley said.

A ninth winner will be chosen by the winners of last year's competition.

One homeowner told Newswatch 16 the competition is a good way to encourage more people to decorate, but he doesn't care if he wins.

"It's not really what we do it for, I mean decorating. It's just a small little thing that we do," Watson said.

A winner will be chosen every night starting on December 16 and ending on Christmas Eve.

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