No Power For Thousands After Storm

SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY -- Power crews were out in full force in Susquehanna County, with some spots getting more than a foot of snow. Many folks were left without power.

Brian Hepler lives in New Milford Township and has a generator for his cows at Hepler Beef Farm. But at his home, he relies on firewood for heat.

“It's not common, but with this heavy snow at this temperature, it's just the way it is,” Hepler said.

In Monroe County, thousands began their day without power too. In Middle Smithfield Township, Michael Welten joked that it was warmer outside than it was inside his home.

"Kind of used to it, but it's not fun. It's not like second nature type thing. It's like, 'Oh, not again,' you know what I mean? You go with the flow,” Welten said.

People in Wayne County were also without power. Newswatch 16 saw plenty of people warming up at nearby restaurants.

“Well, the snow came, and it kept coming and kept coming and kept coming. We had about a foot, and then all of a sudden, the power went out!” KJ Oiler of Scott Township said.

Carl Stella is among the hundreds in Wayne County without power today, but he has a generator.

“Well, it's a pain in the neck, you know what I mean, you don't want it to go out, but we get by. We've been doing this 40 some years. It's not our first trip,” Stella of Scott Township said.

Links below provide the latest power outage information for your area.

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