Traveling in the Snow through the Poconos

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Road conditions are a big concern for those heading out on Monday.

At a rest stop off Interstate 380 near Gouldboro, Newswatch 16 found plenty of tractor-trailer drivers who pulled off Sunday night, some of them hoping to head out this morning

According to PennDOT, there is a full commercial vehicle ban on Interstate 78 and 80 in New Jersey. On our area interstates, Interstate 80 east in the Poconos and Interstate 380 both have tractor-trailer bans and speed restrictions in place.

At a rest stop off Interstate 80 near Tannersville, we found some people trying to get home after the long holiday weekend.

"We just left my mother's, she lives in Mansfield, Ohio. We left at 1:30 this morning," laughed Darlene Angerville. "It's been bad, so we've been stopping and sleeping a lot."

"It's crazy. I have never seen such a mixture of weather -- rain, sleet, snow," Jose Rayes said.

Tractor-trailer drivers we spoke to say this is the most challenging time to be on the road. Todd Schram was on his way back to upstate New York when he was forced to park it at a rest stop in Gouldsboro.

"It hasn't been that bad. I have been in worse. I don't know why they keep shutting roads down. I have been in a whole lot worse. It's a little ridiculous in my eyes. Just take your time, travel slow, and mind your business," Schram said.

Slush and wet roads seem to be the biggest issue for drivers traveling through the Poconos.

Check real-time road conditions with WNEP Traffic Tracker.

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  • lamestream r

    I for one had enough of all this hype over snow and end up getting squat! It’s time to go on with our lives without the media sucking us in to watch weather reports, which total about 2 minutes and 20 minutes of commercials! I’m going back to looking out the window for my weather anymore!

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