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Some in Bradford County Enjoying the Snow

BRADFORD COUNTY, Pa. -- As the flakes began to fall in Bradford County Sunday night, one hunter was making the trek all the way from Boston to enjoy the storm.

"Oh, yeah, that's more encouragement to get down here!" said Ryan Lane. "Hunting in the snow in Pennsylvania, it reminds me of my childhood."

Hunters say this weather puts a damper on their chances of coming out with a kill, but it didn't matter to some.

"The scenery is beautiful, and every once in awhile, you'll see a little sign of life, but just like squirrels running around," said Antonio Manganaro from Wysox.

While many areas of northeastern Pennsylvania, got less snow than they expected, Bradford County got it all.

While they don't want to be out in the cold, residents at Wyalusing Personal Care Home enjoyed watching the winter wonderland unfold through their big picture windows.

"You can just set here and relax and enjoy it. The windows are just beautiful with it, and the snow is so white and clean."

With the wintry weather expected to last through the evening, one resident is surprised she hasn't had to look out this window to see any wrecks along Route 6. Residents have seen lots of plows and salt trucks come through.

One business was trying to bring the holiday spirit to Wysox. About 80 people were slated to take a Christmas wreath and bouquet-making class, followed by a Christmas dinner at Shores Sisters Market on Route 6.

"The weather did kind of put a damper on it. We figured for everyone's safety it was best to give them another option for next week," Kay Miller said.

We found a farmer who says he's done harvesting for the year, so the snowfall doesn't really bother him, but because this snow is so heavy, wet, and thick, he worries about other farmers in the area.

"It's a way to get moisture in the ground. It's all I can say. A lot of people are not done with harvest, you know, and it's going to hurt cause it's a wet snow, heavy. It's going to take crops down," Nelson Welles said.

He's hoping the precipitation stops.

"We had a flash flood here about two weeks ago. It come down through and caused a lot of damage in the creek, and we need to get that taken care of before we get another big runoff."

Some parts of Bradford County are expected to get nearly a foot of snow by the time the storm ends.

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