Stocking Up for the Storm

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. -- Many people opted to do their driving around Sunday so that they could stay home Monday when the majority of the snow is expected to hit.

Emmett Carroll says he tagged along grocery shopping to make sure mom got all his breakfast favorites to gear up for a snowball fight tomorrow. For most other shoppers we found the rush was on for the staples -- milk, bread, and eggs.

With the wintry mix expected to last through Monday, we saw many carts filled with rock salt and heard from a lot of shoppers planning to stay home.

"I will be working from home tomorrow so, some lunch items, stocked up on 2 boxes of K-Cups," Kara Dakunchak of Scranton said.

But for those who can't turn their living room into an office, there's the 570 Jeep Club. The group of off-roading enthusiasts operates as a non-profit, and they also have an emergency strike team. They do things like assist search and rescue teams and people who get their off-road vehicles stuck but this year, they'll be helping people get to work in bad weather.

"First responders doctors nurses health care workers essential service employees like power line workers telephone workers," 570 Jeep president Joshua Doyle said.

The club has over 100 members with jeeps and other off-road vehicles that could give you a free lift to work.

Members say they spend lots of time suping up the jeeps to make them more fit for nasty weather. They add things like wenches that can help pull a vehicle that’s gotten stuck and light bars to see through the fog.

No matter what your occupation is, if you're worried about driving the 570 Jeep team is willing to give you a lift. They ask you to give them as much notice as possible when setting up your ride.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    Thanks to hysteria culture (new & social media) people have not only become helpless, but frantic. This isn’t Donner Pass, and we’re NOT going to be “snowed in” for any length of time. This is how the media generates violence: by creating a perception of fear, panic, and doom. Good job………..well done. Me? I’m hunkering down with the food that I’ve preserved, myself, and my wood stove, and I’m happy to watch winter settle in to kill the frigging bugs, already.

  • Frank The Lunatic

    When was the last time that we had so much snow that people were trapped in their homes for days without any food? 1905?
    And seriously, do people have absolutely nothing to eat in their homes at all, like they buy enough food for just one day and then go back to the store the next day to buy the next day’s food?

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