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Police: Alleged Abductor Killed After Search in Luzerne County

UPDATE: It was a day of terror for a teenage girl in Luzerne County on Sunday. It ended with police shooting and killing her kidnapper.

State police were called to Greater Nanticoke Area High School Sunday afternoon.

Jordan Oliver, 20, was said to be holding Samara Derwin, 15, at knifepoint.

When police arrived, Oliver struggled with officers, maced a cop, and stole a Nanticoke police SUV. An Amber Alert was issued.

Oliver and Derwin were later located in a wooded area of Warrior Run. Derwin is safe.

Police say shots were fired when Oliver drove the stolen SUV toward an officer.

The Amber Alert Issued for the kidnapping victim was canceled when they were found in Warrior Run.

Police were ready to charge Oliver with kidnapping, assault, and theft.

Court papers show there was a protection from abuse order against Oliver, involving Derwin. She wasn't hurt.

ORIGINAL STORY -- The Pennsylvania State Police has issued an Amber Child Abduction Alert for a missing teen in Luzerne County.

The Pennsylvania State Police at Wyoming are searching for Samara Derwin, 15. She has brown hair and red highlights, blue eyes, and is wearing a white hooded sweatshirt and black yoga pants.

She was last seen in the area of Greater Nanticoke Area High School. Derwin was reportedly abducted by Jordan Oliver, 20.

Oliver is driving a stolen marked Nanticoke Police Department 2014 Ford Interceptor SUV with a number seven on the front.

Newswatch 16 found a heavy police presence at Greater Nanticoke Area High School Sunday. Parking lots were closed off with crime tape, and officers were seen placing evidence markers on the ground.

Officers tell Newswatch 16 that state police and several local departments are searching miles worth of woods surrounding Nanticoke.

Newswatch 16 found UTVs and tactical vehicles lining Alden Mountain Road in Newport Township.

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  • peach671

    Not my little innocent Jordan 🤤. You play, you pay. Good job, Men in Blue, taking out the liberal entitlement mentality trash. Keeping America safe, on the local level. MAGA, KAGA and FTDemoncRATS.

  • peach671

    No more thugs rioting in the streets. No more isis. No more paying off our adversarial counterparts with a plane load of capital. No more bedfellows with Cuban dictators. No more record unemployment, welfare and crime. No more free rides for lazy and incompetent liberal liabilities, which was the norm under appeasing coward and b s artist, Barack Hussein Osama. There’s a new sheriff in town, the LAW & ORDER President, Donald John Trump, your Commander in Chief with integrated intestinal fortitude. REELECT 45 and continue to thrive!

      • Bob Stevens

        These were all comments on Wilks PD Facebook for one…. two, what the heck are you talking about? Dude, I’m pro-police… I’m anti corruption and tyranny… I’m from a LEO family! No criminal record, under 30yrs old, have a good job, house, ect… all of your arm chair phycologist stereotyping has been wrong dude. One account, besides my real name, because I use FB log in.

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