Santas on Scooters Spreading Cheer

LEWISBURG, Pa. -- With their Santa suits and scooters this crew is hard to miss as they drive down Market Street in Lewisburg.

Meet the Scooter Santa Brigade.

"We drive though towns, spreading some cheer, handing out candy canes, trying to find all the kids and getting them excited about the holiday," said Nancy Bigger, Milton.

Matt Ferry of Milton started the Scooter Santa Brigade seven years ago, riding around the community dressed as Santa and it`s grown over the years.

"I`d buy another scooter, another person would ride. It grew from there, buy another scooter, then another person. My boy, he would ride with me," said Ferry.

Now a group of eight or nine riders travels around North-Central Pennsylvania handing out lottery tickets and candy canes.

"Just making somebody`s day happy that has to go wait in line to buy a toy or what ever," said Ferry.

The riders get plenty of attention and they love it.

"More fun than you can believe," said Ferry.

"It`s probably the best time of season now that my kids have grown. It makes it nice to get out and see everybody," said Bigger.

The Scooter Santa Brigade will be out and about now through Christmas.

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