Father Pleads Guilty in Baby’s Death

CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A father pleaded guilty on Wednesday to involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment for his young daughter's death in Monroe County.

Christian Tuliszewski must serve at least three years in prison.

A forensic pathologist says the death of Tuliszewski's six-month-old daughter was likely due to intentional smothering.

Police say Tuliszewski, who is from the Saylorsburg area, threatened to harm the little girl in the weeks before her death.

The baby's mom Samantha Defrancesco pleaded guilty in Monroe County last month.

She must serve almost two years in prison.


  • wellmaybeido2

    After seeing these slimes getting only two and three years for killing a child, I’m beginning to think that child abuse laws aren’t strong enough. They should both have long prison sentences, especially him. There was no reason to do this. People have options. This is dangerous for society.

  • Lisa Fiedler

    I just don’t understand why people do this crap! There are so many people who can’t have kids, that want them. Why not just admit you can’t handle it or are not ready for it and give them to people who would treat them as if they were their own. smh

  • nowiseenitall

    Wow! 3 whole years for from what I just read is premeditated murder! Good thing he didn’t kick the dog.

    • wellmaybeido2

      This was a far too lenient sentence, but please stop equating animal abuse with child abuse. People have options, animals don’t. Get the laws changed if you feel they’re unfair, but one form of abuse isn’t more important than the other.

    • wellmaybeido2

      Because they’re young and stupid? These two go beyond that, though, into the scary. It’s a shame their sentence was so light.

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