Woman Charged After Dealing Deadly Dose of Drugs

CLIFTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A woman is locked up after police say she provided the drugs that killed a man in Lackawanna County.

State troopers arrested Michelle Smith, who admitted to providing 44-year-old Chester Ostrowski with two bundles of fentanyl-laced heroin back in April.

Ostrowski died from the drugs.

Smith was charged with drug delivery resulting in death and related offenses in Lackawanna County.


  • Author MichaelGabriel

    Go after the people who made the drug, not this small-time girl. She made a mistake. They are on DRUGS, people. That’s what drugs do, they make you do stupid decisions. Same as alcohol, but nobody is arresting Dick Yuengling.

  • Regina Kandler Smith Taub

    So the bottom line they pooled their money she went to get the drugs as they were best friends he over dosed yes she has some responsibility but he wanted the drugs he wanted to do the drugs. She is NOT a drug dealer she got drugs to share with a friend. Yes I know her oh and really did she know there was fentanyl in the drugs I am betting not or she would not have been using them herself. Love how people judge when the facts are so limited of course the news only puts out what they want people to know. She should do jail time but know she is paying a high price for this mistake its cost her everything even before her time in prison.

  • Carl Spackler

    Yes she should be locked up. She dealt the fentanyl laced batch. Time to do the shackle shuffle baby doll.

  • Fuji086

    If only this level of zeal was applied to hunting down the drug cartels. Oh, that’s “complicated” and “classified”.

    • John Koch

      No it shouldn’t be. This woman didn’t force anyone to be dumb and stick a needle in their arm. The “victim” had a death wish. The wish was granted. Using the logic behind this law…MillerCoors, Jack Daniels the Commonwealth of PA and numerous other entities are responsible for my bad choices and the death of my father. They all literally deal death 24/7/365. How silly of me, alcohol is socially accepted and generates trillions of revenue for everyone involved how dare I question the state!

      • Tyler Beth

        Right on, John. The government gets to keep on hurting people with their gambling, and alcohol, and now weed, but when it’s a regular citizen, they want to lock her up and throw away the key. Go after the drug cartels, and leave the small people alone. I think this law will eventually get overturned, but for now, I feel bad for these people. They all have drug problems, they are not all killers, and they certainly don’t deserve life in prison for someone’s mistake.

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