LIVE NOW: Senate impeachment trial of President Trump

House Judiciary Committee Slates First Public Impeachment Hearing Next Week

WASHINGTON — The House Judiciary Committee has scheduled its first impeachment hearing next week as the House moves another step closer to impeaching President Donald Trump.

The committee announced that it would hold a hearing December 4 on the “constitutional grounds for presidential impeachment,” which will have a panel expert witnesses who will testify “on the application of the constitutional framework of high crimes and misdemeanors to the very serious allegations regarding the conduct of the President, according to a Democratic aide.

House Democratic aides said Tuesday that the President’s counsel will be able to participate in the hearing. Chairman Jerry Nadler, a Democrat from New York, plans to send a letter to the President on Tuesday notifying him of the hearing and the ability of his counsel to question witnesses.

The aides declined to say what additional hearings they would be scheduling as part of the impeachment proceedings.

The Democratic aides said the first hearing was a “legal hearing” that would include some history of impeachment, as well as evaluating the seriousness of the allegations and the evidence against the President.

The hearing announcement comes as the House Intelligence Committee plans to release its report summarizing the findings of its investigation to the House Judiciary Committee soon after Congress returns from its Thanksgiving recess next week.

This story is breaking and will be updated.


  • peach671

    The Senate will put a warranted end to this dog and pony show. President Donald John Trump in a 2020 landslide vs. socialists and pro illegal alien demoncRATS.

  • Trucker

    Where is the picture of Eric CIAwhatshisname, the guy that if you type his name you post is automatically deleted?
    A whistle blower so devoid of facts they had to change the forms. So dirty he is mentioned in the Strozk/Page texts as “Charlie”, and has ties to George Soros. This is why people go to Q for the news.

  • Bob Stevens

    Just move this Coup and Taxpayer funded Democrat Campaign Rally into the senate already so they can vote no, and then expose all the treasonous actions of these people connected to the deep state.

    • Bob Stevens

      So many people so deep in their DTS, they would rather see Trump burn than see the entire corrupt system be exposed and fixed. Lefties, you aren’t getting a chunk of your masters paradise, you are pawns. Only returning to the constitution and freedom can bring prosperity to everyone in this great nation.

      • darkhorse6669

        Look whose talking? You’re the pawn who is just ignoring blatant crimes he committed and blindly following what ever fox and/or the liar in chief says.

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