Snowfall Catches Columbia County by Surprise

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Pa. -- An early Sunday morning mix of snow and freezing rain made for slow going along interstate 80 near Bloomsburg, with PennDOT placing speed restrictions and telling tractor-trailers to stay in the right lane.

The wintery mix started overnight Sunday leaving many business owners, like Nancy fought and her husband who owns the Side Room in Bloomsburg, scrambling to clean up the slushy mess.

“When it first started I thought 'oh it looks like it's snowing!' and then I looked again, and it was like big flakes, and I thought uh oh... because we don't have our plow right now - it's in the shop,” Fought said.

Fought's husband had to resort to shoveling their parking lot by hand.

“Usually he plows, and I shovel. I shovel the snow out to him. So, we usually do it together. You need your parking lot plowed so people don't fall,” Fought said.

Business owners weren't the only ones caught off guard by this snow, even those who plow the snow for a living were surprised by the storm.

“Try and stay ready, we're not completely ready, but we had a skeleton crew ready to go,” Matt Sudol of Sudol Paving and Excavation said.

Sudol and his family have been plowing snow for three generations, but he says he was still scrambling this morning to make sure everyone was in place once he realized how much snow had fallen.

“Start making phone calls and the heart starts pounding but fortunately, I had some of my guys I have good guys who were calling me as I was calling them. We do a lot snow plowing, and so this is a big thing for us everybody knows when it's white, we're moving. So fortunately, we got up early and got after it,” Sudol said.


  • lamestream r

    This is the winter season, only way you are caught off guard is with our local weather forecast anymore! The only job where when its sunny they pat themselves on their back, like they control the weather! Now if they get it wrong, they make excuses or come up with the catch all, we mentioned it! (Yeah maybe for the northern tier, not for the rest of us)

    • chaz918

      Yep. Just like Snedeker. Always saying :”It’s a great day to be alive”. Of course it is when your overpaid to make an a** of yourself everyday with no consequences for being wrong.

  • calfguy

    I want to be a weather man when i grow up. Can be wrong on a daily basis and keep your good paying job. This caught most by surprise as it was not called for in the forecasts. No problem though just keep guessing

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