Bear Season Opens This Weekend

PORTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Hunters in the Poconos are preparing for a big weekend of big game hunting.

Bear season opens Saturday morning.

"We are here to bear hunt. We come up to his family's cabin every year, it's a tradition. We are just meeting up right now when you saw us," said Vince Jones, Orefield.

Vince Jones and his friend Preston Nelson are from Lehigh County but come to Pike County to hunt bear.

"Like deer hunting, you're usually out there by yourself. You can put drives on, but with bear you usually get a bunch of guys together to cover as much ground as possible and push the bear to whoever is going to be doing the shooting," said Jones.

"This is great. It's a great group activity. We enjoy spending time together just having fun," said Preston Nelson, Fogelsville.

There are a lot of hunting cabins in Porter Township and as you can imagine, places like Pickerel Inn and Deli are very busy.

"Every year, you kind of get the same groups and the local clubs. We have a lot of cabins here in the area, so we get those return people. It's nice to see the kids, although we don't have as many, but it's nice to see the kids and grandkids, too," said Terry Koch, Pickerel Inn and Deli owner.

Terry Koch owns the business.  She says hunters stop in for more than just supplies.

"Our food business is always great. The hunters come up and the beer business, too. Ammunition, hand warmers are great, hats and gloves. Last-minute things," said Koch.

Bear season runs through Wednesday and will pick back up in some places on November 30, which is also the first day of rifle deer season.



      Let’s play a game. At the end of hunting season let’s see how many people are accidentally shot by hunters that are under the influence, and then we’ll see how many people are hurt by drunk drivers.

      Beer and cars, great combination.

  • lamestream r

    Waiting for the animal rights comments to come soon! This is Pennsylvania folks, we hunt around these parts!

    • wellmaybeido2

      OK, here’s a comment: Now we can watch a bunch of losers shoot animals to make themselves feel good and it’s all because they want to help conservation and “we hunt around these parts.” Boring and Stupid.

      • JIMBRONY

        Yeah, I hate seeing all that non-GMO meat getting donated to the food pantries to feed the less fortunate too.

        In PA since 1991 over 1.2 million pounds of meat has been donated through the Hunters Sharing The Harvest program. And that doesn’t include all the donations that don’t go through that program.

        Getting outside, exercise, camaraderie, conservation, all terrible things. And not all hunters and cabins are filled with booze and drunks.

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