3 Year Old Allegedly Severely Beaten by Mom’s Boyfriend has Passed Away

SUNBURY, Pa. -- A three-year-old girl from Northumberland County, who was badly beaten by her mother's boyfriend, has passed away.

Arabella Parker was taken off life support earlier this week.

She had been in critical condition since last month when police say Jahrid Burgess severely beat her at a home near Trevorton.

Arabella's mother and Burgess' mother are also charged in the deadly beating in Northumberland County.


  • hannahlu52

    Any mother who would allow a man to beat their child like this has something very, very wrong with them. These mothers obviously have self-esteem issues, and their ability to differentiate between right and wrong has been clouded.
    Rest in peace, Arabella.

  • savescrantonhistory

    Like I said in the other article about this case, put the woman’s bf in general population and there won’t be a need for a trial.

      • lamestream r

        You have a sick mind to even say that comment! But our system allows it, unless it offends people like yourself, then our right to speak is unjustified in your eyes!

      • wellmaybeido2

        I guess he forgot to intervene and grab the guy’s fist to keep him from beating a defenseless kid to death. God doesn’t create these problems. People do. God only gave us principles to live by that might prevent such things.

      • hannahlu52

        Our Creator is not responsible for these hideous acts. Everyone should have a healthy ability to distinguish between right and wrong, and then act accordingly. We ALL have ‘free will’ to make ‘choices’ during our life, and choosing to beat or kill/murder another living being is the wrong choice. Blaming God for the woes or actions of mankind shows a lack of responsibility. It’s the same with guns; people are shot and killed not because of the gun, not because of God, but because of the person who made the choice to put their finger on the trigger. Everyone ought to think, before they act.

    • Angelia Thompson Feemster

      You’re exactly right! God is so powerful he could have taking her soul before the beating began πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Non-believers do not understand the power of God πŸ™ŒπŸ½

    • Not Ur ChewToy (@ChewToiy)

      As we are not allowed to “judge the allmighty” for not saving her, the same Bible says “judge not” for the mother of the 3-y-o (I almost called you hypocrites). There IS such thing as Stockholm Syndrome, Trauma Bonding–this woman has a past and you haven’t walked in her shoes. “Judge not.” You read that d@m& book better than anyone, right? Because you’re sure thumping it…

    • nowiseenitall

      Been 3 people executed since 1976. We need to start using it especially in cases like this one! So now what? We feed ,house, give medical to these peices of crap for the rest of their lives? Bs use the death penalty!

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