16 To The Rescue: Effie

MILTON, Pa. -- Effie is a pit bull mix with 4 Paws Sake PA rescue in Milton. She is sweet, funny and enjoys the company of people and other pooches.

"If she's going to be in a home with dogs, they should be laid back dogs, " stated rescue volunteer Angela Cooper. "She does like to play. She needs a home with good boundaries and good leadership because she is a strong dog."

Effie is the happiest girl and shows it often with her waggy tail. She is also quite lovey with kids of all sizes.

" I think if it's not a real hectic home,  she would be okay with either because she loves kids, " stated Cooper. "She just licks them, I don't know if that's always appropriate but she does it and has a very good time doing it."

We're told Effie is very smart and is learning commands.

"She loves to do obedience. We've been working on doing some new things, trick type things with her,"  Cooper mentioned. "We've been doing peek-a-boo and shake. It takes a little while for her to get them, but once she gets them she's really good at it and she loves it. She has a lot of fun."

Effie loves belly rubs and is quite vocal when she wants something.

"When she doesn't get her way she has a whine and it's this high pitched whine that you can't ignore, " stated Cooper. "But you have to, or otherwise she'll just keep doing it. That's why I say she needs a good leader who won't give in to that little face."

That little face is big on giving slobbery smooches.

Effie just wants to love her humans, but it's always better to show that adoration in a home.

"I sometimes lay on her dog bed with her and she just cuddles up," said Cooper. "She loves being under the covers and all cuddled up, so yeah, she's a sweet little girl."

If you are interested in Effie, get more information here.

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