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Lawsuit Dropped as Train Company Pulls Out of Jim Thorpe

JIM THORPE, Pa. -- The Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway is set to move out of Jim Thorpe on November 25. It's all over a legal battle involving the borough, the school district, and the Reading and Northern Railroad.

The railroad was being sued over unpaid amusement taxes totaling more than $95,000.

But this week, the borough decided to drop the lawsuit.

"I am hoping they keep the train because I think it brings a lot of people here," said Kate Holmes, East Stroudsburg.

Officials met with members of the train company twice during the past couple of months.

According to the borough council president, dropping the lawsuit is a move toward trying to get the railroad to stay.

"We really applaud the borough of Jim Thorpe for their action. I think it shows a demonstrated good-faith effort towards the train, that they want to be an equal partner, and they want to make it work out," said Michael Rivkin, Jim Thorpe Tourism Agency.

People in Jim Thorpe hope the borough and the train company can come to a resolution in the new year. Business owners want people to know there will be plenty of activities for people to do during the holiday season, like Jim Thorpe's Olde Time Christmas. The holiday festival starts next month.

"That brings in a lot of people. The Santa Train won't be running but there's still plenty of other family-friendly events that will be going on," said Jordan Cummins, Jingle Bells Christmas Shop.

Even though the scenic railroad will stop running in Jim Thorpe next week, borough officials plan to meet with the train company sometime in the new year to try and work out a plan for the future.


  • Endowolf

    I think Jim Thorpe will be very suprised just how many people go for the Santa Train and when the money is counted (which is all anyone cares about) they will realize the greed put them under.

  • yougottabekiddin1

    Instead of trying to extort new tax money, why not cut wasteful spending. Get rid of all the nepotism and political jobs on the payroll and maybe you can stay within you budget! This is one time politicians ended up with crap on their faces when they tried to shovel it!


    Jim Thorpe deserves to lose a lot due to their actions. Proves the point that more taxes are not the answer!!!

  • nowiseenitall

    Jim Thorpe is going to lose alot more then what they were suing for. So in the end who suffers? The small businesses mostly. Talk about slimy politics, I would bet my farm that if the railroad decides not to come back the lawsuit will be refilled.

  • lamestream r

    Simple, No train, not going to that Borough! Again, silly politicians ruining the mouth that feeds them and the Borough!

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