Lead Investigator During Christy Search Testifies in Court

SCRANTON, Pa. -- The federal trial for a man accused of threating President Trump and eluding authorities for months has entered its third day.

Testimony on Wednesday focused on Shawn Christy's time on the run and how he allegedly threatened law enforcement.

We heard the longest piece of testimony so far in the trial when the lead investigator during the three-month search for Christy was called to the stand.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Nik Hannevig testified for about two hours, providing the jury with a detailed timeline of events during the manhunt. He also gave the jury an idea of why the U.S. Marshals believed Christy was not willing to surrender peacefully.

Hannevig testified that after a threat was posted to Facebook in June of last year, he "had no reason not to believe that Mr. Christy was intending to follow through on those threats."

Much of the testimony from Hannevig focused on threats made to law enforcement, rather than the president. For example, a threat posted on what appears to be Shawn Christy's Facebook page, which was shown in court, reads, "I will use full lethal force against any law enforcement officer that tries to detain me."

That post was written in May of last year.

Months later at the peak of the massive manhunt for Christy, the U.S. Marshal testified that two notes signed S.R.C. were found in a church in Maryland near where Christy was believed to have been sleeping in a stolen vehicle.

One note was addressed to the pastor, apologizing for breaking in and stealing food and cash. Another was addressed to the U.S. Marshals looking for him, and it stated, in part, "I will give you guys one last warning, stay out of my way. If it's a war you want, it's a war I'll give you."

Hannevig also identified a man he believes to be Christy in several surveillance videos taken from homes and businesses Christy allegedly broke into. Hannevig says it was obvious to him that it was Christy in each video, because of the distinct way he walked and carried himself.

The prosecution is using evidence like this to convince the jury that Shawn Christy committed several federal crimes while on the run from police.

Christy is representing himself. He will get the chance to question that witness, but he said he needed some time to digest the information presented on Wednesday.

The trial will continue Thursday morning.

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