Sunday Hunting in Our Neck of the Woods

NEWPORT TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- For the first time since the 1800s, hunters may be able to walk into the woods and legally take home a buck or a doe on a Sunday.

Governor Wolf is expected to sign a bill allowing hunting on some Sundays in Pennsylvania, starting next year.

Lawmakers hope the change will give younger hunters and people who work more opportunities to hunt.

Edward Piestrak owns and operates a gun shop in Luzerne County, and he's against the change.

"I'm sort of against it like most people are," said Piestrak, owner of Piestrak's Gun Shop. "Sunday is a day of religion, and we're getting away from it with more and more things on Sunday. I mean, it's a day of, let the animals rest and let the people rest."

Some hunters preparing for hunting season inside Piestrak's Gun Shop in Newport Township tell Newswatch 16 they think hunting on a Sunday could lead to safety issues.

"I think it affects more people that like to get out in the words that aren't hunters," said Stan Shaffer of Mountain Top. "There's a lot of people that like to go out in the woods walking their dogs and riding their mountain bikes, they don't want to be in the woods with hunters."

There would be three Sundays of hunting allowed. One during rifle deer season, one during archery season, and another that the Game Commission can decide.

"It's only a start when they start with three days a year or two. From there, it will be adding to it. It's just a foot in the door. I would rather just keep it away from Sundays. Let the animals rest and let the people rest," said Piestrak.

"It starts at three, and it's going to open up to all Sundays. So pretty soon hunting season on Sundays, it's going to be a gun zone, so don't let your dog run around the woods come Sundays," added Shaffer.

If the governor signs the bill, Sunday hunting wouldn't begin until next year.


  • Bob Stevens

    Here’s an idea, private property should be allowed to do whatever they want when they want without needing the crowns permission.

  • Mark Brazen

    If your not a hunter it should not concern you. I am totally for Sunday hunting. It is not harming anyone by allowing Sunday hunting . Some preach about religion when all that is in the news is negativity and very few positives.

    • Bob Stevens

      I think religion is being used as an excuse… originally the complaints were about people that like to hike, ect on state lands on sundays

  • Giggity-MF-goo

    Religions ruin so many thngs. I understand it works for the retired and unemployed as they giot 6 otehr days, but the working folks have to take precious time off, and out youth takes days of school. Terrible… do 7 days n thats that!

  • burtfan16

    I don’t see what the big problem is. Allow hunting on sundays and those who want to hunt will hunt; those who want to practice their religious beliefs will practice their religious beliefs. That way nobody’s rights are imposed on.

  • krometools

    Its time Pennsylvania gets with the times and allows Sunday hunting and not just for three days for the entire season.

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