State Sen. Yudichack to Register as Independent

State Senator John Yudichak

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A shake-up in Pennsylvania politics as State Senator John Yudichack has announced he is switching parties.

Yudichak, who represents the 14th Senatorial District, which includes Luzerne and Carbon Counties, made the announcement Tuesday morning.

In a statement, Yudichak says he will become a registered Independent. He cites divisiveness of what he calls purist politicians who choose party over the good of the people as the main reason for his decision to switch his affiliation.



  • roaddog81

    I don’t blame him. A lot of people are going to toss out the Democrats because of all of the wannabe Socialists and nonsense in Washington. It’s going to get ugly.

  • lamestream r

    Like a leopard can’t change his spots, neither can a political truly change his party affiliation! He may be an independent, but his voting record will show his true party affiliation and it’s probably Democrat! Maybe having a #walkaway moment, but more likely, Not….. Don’t be fooled by this change, residents of Luzerne and Carbon Counties!

    • Bob Stevens

      While I agree, never trust the news and do your own research… he is, rather was a democrat. Might be having a #walkaway moment seeing that the majority of the democrat leftist party is only anti-trump, where as he would like to actually do things (disregarding wither they are good things, but non the less)

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