Seven Charged in Failed Coup

LEHMAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Saw Creek Estates and Pine Ridge are two private communities near Bushkill in Pike County.

For years, Tonia Scott of Bushkill has claimed that she's the rightful owner of the land they're built on.

“She claims that she is Native American and indigenous to the area, so she feels that the residence of Pine Ridge and also Saw Creek is her home, old homestead. And she feels that that land belongs to her and she wanted to take it back,” Pennsylvania state police trooper Robert Urban said.

Trooper Robert Urban talked us through Scott’s elaborate plan to overthrow those two communities.

Using a team, she assembled as an armed security force by promising jobs and free housing if they helped her in her plan.

Now, all seven people, including Scott, face a long list of criminal charges.

“There’s numerous felony charges against them, felonies such as terrorism, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, and the list goes on. I mean, when you do something this extensive, you’re going to get hit with the highest extent of the law,” Urban said.

According to court papers, the group drove from New York City to the Pine Ridge community Monday morning. The five men forced their way into the community clubhouse by smashing windows and breaking doors. The men were holding handguns.

They forced a Pine Ridge security officer into handcuffs. While other employees hid in a locked office.

While the invasion was going on, Pine Ridge's maintenance staff used trucks to block the community's only exit.

“It was outstanding planning on them. That community was so big that when you are able to block an entrance like that, it just forced them to try to drive around in the community, which ultimately, one of them got lost,” Urban said.

Urban says state police showed up by then and took Scott and her team into custody.

“Anything could have went wrong in this situation in a split second,” Urban said.


  • tomballard6

    All the criminals from New York & elsewhere who have flooded into Northeast PA need to get out. The PSP & the Politicians of Our State need to Make That Happen.

  • wellmaybeido2

    This is so stupid, it would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. I am sick of hearing about “natives” and “aboriginals” who don’t seem to realize they also came from elsewhere. No one cares that you were the first people here. It’s 2019. The “natives” did absolutely nothing to advance themselves or this country. Go back to hunting for your food and clothes, if it’s so special. No one ever talks about that. The rest of us aren’t less American, just because you were here before us. This reparations, “here first” stuff just seems like an excuse to blame someone because you don’t have what you want or is an attempt at easy money. Now your new “land” will be in jail. Wise up.

    • Brian Rogan

      Maybe you should read a book. Starting with the Thanksgiving BS you were fed in school, through the 19th century genocide of Native Americans by the same government that today’s Conservatives would have us devolve to.

  • Denpachii

    I am a native American. Born in Wilkes-Barre, with a coal cracker family past. I demand that all the mining land, both former and still usable be returned to me, and I want reparations for all the coal stolen from my people! Earth Conservancy, PAY UP! I am shurre that argument will work, right folks?

  • mattwesleywert1984

    You want a homestead, your gonna get one.. your new homestead will be at a Pennsylvania state correctional institution. And for a very long time I would bet

  • Rusty Knyffe

    As usual, someone out their has a personal problem. They are either THAT bored that they want to go straight-up 4Chan and troll this site, or they really are butt-hurt because they identify as something “special” and crave the attention and sense of pseudo-power by initiating “report comment.” Very, very, very sad when people do that because it speaks VOLUMES that there is some dysfunction that has become pathological. This type of personality cannot just accept that they don’t have the power that they think they do – they can’t just accept that they are irrelevant, for all intents and purposes.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Pfffffffffffffffffffft!!!!!!!!!!! The comments are sauce enough for these geese. LMAOLMAO!!!

    I have to keep this defense in mind, at all times. I’m indigenous. I IDENTIFY as indigenous. Well, if someone can explain how “indigenous” adds up to …………… nebbermind….

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  • jsrant

    Hate to say it but these bros are dumber than a door nail. I guess the statistics show. Build a wall around NYC and stop the scum from coming in.

  • Rupert Pupkin

    Wow, this as to be the stupidest bunch of people I’ve ever read about, and dirtiest. Native Americans? Gangbangers are not native to this country, or any country. They are an insult to Native Americans, or anybody else for that matter. Now they can join their true community-in prison, I hope for life.

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