High-Tech Tools to Combat Crime in Scranton

From thieves stealing warm unlocked cars in the colder months to porch pirates swiping holiday gifts, these are some of the crimes keeping Scranton Police busy this time of year.

However, some new high-tech tools that you can even access might just help cops catch the crooks even faster.

Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey visited Scranton Police Headquarters on Tuesday to show us how they work.

Among the technology featured is how to file online crime reports in the Electric City. Plus, they show us the website you can access to get crime alerts in your neighborhood. Head to this link and type in your zip code to sign up for the alerts.

Ryan also highlighted the department’s new cameras that can read license plates. They're not only on police cruisers but also place in various high points throughout the city.

Scranton police also showcased the body-cams officers are wearing on the job.

Scranton is one of the few departments in our area that utilizes body-cams.


  • Bob Stevens

    Strep by step towards Chinses style surveillance… starts off with cameras for safety, then more cameras to deter crime, them more to passively scan everything into a system to track, then facial recognition to track each and every one of us every where we go.

  • lickerblisters

    These reports filed online will get overlooked all day, everyday. Does this mean Scranton’ property taxes will dramatically decrease? I would think so. After all, isn’t it the citizen doing the job now?

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