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UPDATE: Interstate 81 South in Moosic Back Open After Crash

MOOSIC, Pa. -- State police responded to the scene of a crash on interstate 81 in Lackawanna County Sunday night.

Two vehicles wrecked just before 11 p.m. in the southbound lanes of 81 near the Moosic and Scranton line.

The south lanes in Moosic were closed for a couple of hours.

At least one person was hurt.

State police shut the interstate near the Scranton line during the investigation.

It is back open to traffic Monday morning.


  • lamestream r

    Hopefully those they got stuck in this non moving traffic because of someones irresponsibility in driving, were allowed to exit the highway! No one should be sitting in traffic for hours waiting for a lane to open! They should have been detoured by emergency personnel to the exit and re-routed!


      You’re confused.

      It’s not the trucks that we hate. It’s the arrogant, reckless cowboys that think the rules of the road don’t apply to them that we don’t like.

      Seems to me you don’t care much for speed limits, especially in construction areas, do you?

      • peatermoss

        Says the former truck driver who got his CDL revoked.
        You got a college education from Penn State class of 77.
        didn’t know you needed a college degree to drive truck.
        That was money well spent

      • JIMBRONY

        “Says the former truck driver”

        Yes I am, happily retired.

        “who got his CDL revoked”

        That’s a lie. I still have it, just renewed the other day.

        “You got a college education from Penn State class of 77.“

        Thanks for stalking, but yes I did.

        “didn’t know you needed a college degree to drive truck.”

        You don’t. But you do for the agricultural sciences. And gee, guess what they have on farms besides tractors and moo-cows? Trucks! Trucks that require a CDL to drive over the road.

        ”That was money well spent“

        Yes it was. It provided well for my family and enabled me to retire early.

        See, I’ve told you all this before but you have no room left in your brain to remember things after a long weekend of furry fun at the truck stops.

        Glad I could answer your questions.

      • JIMBRONY

        That’s the beauty of you, I don’t even need to make fun of you because you are the punchline.

        I would tell you how long it took to pay off my student loans but it would be lost on you since you can’t even count fingers.


      • JIMBRONY

        Hey DELETERMOSS, could you sing that song for me again. You know, the one you did the other day:

        Pullin’train, high cocaine
        McLoser derpity derp derp BWAAK!


      • JIMBRONY

        Wow, I didn’t know you had to turn in your license when you retire. I guess I’m not allowed to freelance and drive anything now that I’m retired. All those places that need a substitute driver will just have to go somewhere else.

        Who’s the dipwad bafoon now?

        OMG you are DUMB…

        You really should quit now, there’s no digging out of the hole you’re in.

      • JIMBRONY

        Do I need to explain the irony of your comment?

        Never mind, you wouldn’t get it even if I used small words and simple pictures.

      • JIMBRONY

        BP is fine, healthy as a horse. Thanks for your concern.

        My mother has been dead for ages, so ringing her up might be a challenge.

        Your comment proves why people avoid you (besides your odor) – you’re just an ugly person that nobody wants to be around. That is – except lonely desperate truck drivers. You still seem to attract them. Or they attract you.

      • JIMBRONY

        Aww, were you sitting there waiting for the notification that I replied the whole time? Good 🐒, have a 🍌.

      • JIMBRONY

        Gotta do better than that, you are WAY behind and that Mc stuff is older than white dog dirt. I don’t think you’re ever going to get yourself out of this hole.

        Maybe it’s time for a name change. Something creative. How about ALBERTCOHOL? 😂🤣😂🤣

      • JIMBRONY


        Try again, pervert. The momma gag ain’t working either.

        Speaking of momma gag, the migrant workers say yours does quite a bit.

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