Plymouth Awarded $150K Toward Revitalization

PLYMOUTH, Pa.-- Officials say they have been busy working on ways to revitalize the borough.

Applying for and receiving $150,000 of grant money from the state is a good start.

Borough secretary and treasurer Holly Spece says it will go toward repairing infrastructure on Main Street.

"You have to fix the problems first and our main problems right now are the storm drains and the manhole covers which are causing drivers to swerve on the lanes to try and avoid them," she said.

Residents agree the manhole covers are a problem.

"Oh they're horrible," said resident Lynne Forte. "I live a couple houses off the ave and at night I can hear the trucks the kla-klunk kla-klunk all night long. It's annoying."

"That needs to be fixed before we add the crosswalks and the bus shelter, but you have to fix the problems first before you start adding the pretty things," Spence added.

People who call Plymouth home are excited to see progress happening with the revitalization of the borough.

"I think this is a good idea," Butch Jennings of Plymouth said. "It's not much different from when I first moved here, but I noticed some of the businesses have closed."

"I think it's great. I think it's not enough. We need more there are so many things to do downtown," Forte explained.

Spece said she will continue to apply for more grants to help in the revitalization efforts. The borough will be holding a final meeting on December 2nd to get input from the community on the project.

"We're trying to get as much feedback from them as possible so the final draft of our strategy and vision can be done," said Spence.


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