Christmas Tree Crop Doing Well

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It feels a lot like walking in a winter wonderland at Walker's Tree Farm in Franklin Township near Lehighton.

Noelle Ricci drove about an hour from Bucks County to use these trees to make wreaths.

"They're long-lasting. You fresh-cut them so they'll last until February, March. It's very different from the stuff that you're getting at retail, so it's amazing. They're just awesome, awesome product," Ricci said.

That awesome product has kept Ricci coming back for five seasons straight.

This year, workers say the tree crop here is doing tremendously.

The hills in Carbon County are great for growing these kinds of trees and the sunshine and colder weather are a good thing, too as these trees thrive in frigid temperatures.

Another benefit: workers also say the weather earlier on in the year did them some favors.

"We had a wet spring which kind of helped them grow a little bit more this year," said farm manager David Walker.

At Walker's Tree Farm there are hundreds of thousands of Christmas trees that workers have to take care of.

"Work, work, work, work. Hard work until it gets dark," said owner Lee Walker.

Workers have about two more weeks to get ready for opening day this year.

"It's very hectic and stressful. It's a lot of work crammed into a two, three-week period of time," David Walker added.

Walker's Tree Farm opens on Black Friday.

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